Neremberg Code

The Neremberg code was put in place for a reason- to stop unethical human experiments. This was after the Nazi war camps where alot of people died in gas chambers.  

We are now living in the Neo Nazi period or Post Nazi regime and the unethical experiments are continuing.  Its not a coincidence that todays illegal and unethical practices are link to the original Nazi pratices of the time. 

I am a victim of US Military experiments with electromagnetic weapons and HAARP frequencies. US Military tried to force me to disassociate through a process called MKULTRA where I was repeatedly abused and tortured with electromagnetic weapons and mind control  techniques.  

I refused to disassociate and take on the various personase they wanted me to adopt. Instead I have emerged traumatised and more aware of the criminal activity that was taking place i.e trying to use me to get Strategic Minerals from Zimbabwe for US Military Weapons and HAARP.  They were using these illegal techniques and methods to intice me into criminal behaviour.
After I exposed the plans US Military tried to use various techniques and methods to cover up this crime. They wanted me not to talk about it so they started using again electromagnetic frequencies to engage me in dialogue that would move me away from the electromagnetic abuse claim I was making.  I am a victim of great injustice and the neremberg code was established for a reason. Why is it being ingored.

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