Creating a Lifestyle 

Being a Targeted Individual involves being robbed of your identity and your lifestyle to suit the perpetrator. And its one thing I have fought to regain and control. I am not taking my life and lifestyle for granted. My life is my own and no body else to control. Lifestyle is not a stand alone concept but it exsist within the parameters of ones existence and influences  i.e identity, culture, beliefs etc as well as internal and external elements.  

I am finding these doddles in my old scapebook, very therapeutic. The reminates of my MA on Photography. I have severals ideas running in my head and sometimes they are very synchronised and other times they are very random. Instagram helps by instantly bookmaking them for me. I will be back for them in different form i.e blog or website.  
My approach to ideas is very individualised and sometimes very academic because  as people we dont have one identity but multiple identities i.e Sister, Photographer, Instructor, Targeted individual etc. All those are different parts of my identity.  My lifestyle will never be the same as the next person because we are individuals and have individual lifestyles. Its up to each individual to have the ability to express ones lifestyle.  With the internet’s capabilities, the internet can amass thousands, if not millions and billions of lifestyles. I have been asking myself ‘ What is lifestyle blog?’ What are the rules and limits. Whats authentic and whats fake. Soo many questions. Its looking inwards too like sharing my own stuff without comprimising my own personal space.
My photography education has given me role models I can look at, other artists who used photography as a medium of communication – a visual language. I have some somethings in common with these women like my love photography, my gender but many aspects remain different due to time, space, cultures, technologies etc. I still respect and admire their work because its been soo captivating #artislife 

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