Waking up & thinking about the next opportunity to sleep. The life of electromagnetic abuse victim – constant fatigue from Sleep deprivation

I think as a person I have made my feelings known – I dont want anything to do with US Military. As if it was not enough trying to force me into terrorism, the aftermath has not made my life better. I am still sabotaged left , right and centre. My wishes and interests do count. I am being subotaged with electromagnetic/HAARP frequencies to the illegal brain implant in my head, deliberately.

I want to wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

I want normal dreams not forced or induced dreams

I want to be spontaneous and make my own plans

I want to use my time as I wish, not as imposed

I want to a social presence in my community. I dont want to be forced into isolation

I want to go to the gym and exercise

I want to make plans I can follow through without being sabotaged

I want to be healthy and plan my own meals.

I want to go back to University and learn in an environment that I can learn and interact with people.
I want a life I can choose my own life partner who share similar interests

I dont want any interference in my life. You cant impose a life on a person by force because you can. I will fight you to my death.

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