Truama based mind control 

Using pain to get things done. 

US Military use electromagnetic weapons to control me. They is no difference to a using a whip on a plantation. After my attack  in 2013, US Military  made every effort to destroy my photographic development. Used truama based mind control to indoctrinate me in terrorism and tried forcing me to have a muslim child for sacrifice. They used pressure, force, demands, abuse and torture to force me to comply.  All that was done to me was against my wish. They said I had no option weather I wanted to be part of the programme or not. I did not get to make a choice. I had to show my commitment by following instructions as I was told. US Military started using Voice to Skull technology and electromagnetic/HAARP weapons to indoctrinate me in terrorism. Telling me I had to get Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals for them. That I was under 24 hrs surveillance and answerable to US Military and NATO. It was a big exercise to invade Zimbabwe and I was being told my place and role. When US Military failed after I exposed them, they tried to cover up by forcing me to do photography under duress to get the results ‘they wanted’ so as to discredit my accusation. I refused to do photography under duress and I am making sure what happened to me is exposed. 

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