Paralysed on my side 

My side feel paralysed and US Military is sending electromagnetic pulses to cause pain. This is how the US Military use trauma based mind control to force people to comply with their demands aganist their wishes.

This is not my first experience.  In 2013, October 8,  I was shot by a lazer in my stomach and I was paralysed with pain. US Military took the opportunity to voice to skull me and  tell me to comply or it would get worse. It was a lie because it did get worse. That was the intial move to get my attention and would later try to maintain that control by repeating the torture and raising the pain. US Military would later indoctrinate me in Terrorism, telling me I had to get Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals for them and I had to have a Muslim child sacrifice.

US Military is practising trauma based mind control. Its non consensual. Its forcing someone to do what you want through pain and trauma. 

US Military used this method to indoctrinate me in Terrorism and force me to have a Muslim child sacrifice. Which turned out was to frame me for terrorism so they could say I had links to Islamic terrorism to enable them to invade  Zimbabwe on poxy terrorism and exploit our strategic minerals.  

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