When I was attacked US Military told me it was to develop my career as an Artist. They first attacked me then told me this. They also told me I had no choice that I had been chosen to deliver this secrect project to the world. I was held hostage and the project never actualize as they was always something I needed to do first to prove myself. This ended up being over 2 years of everyday abuse and torture without anything substantial or artistic developing. 
Instead I was being corrupted and Indoctrinated in terrorism for US Military to secure Strategic Minerals from Zimbabwe for Weapons.  

To this day,US Military try and cover this crime. I am beyond a lot of the abuse and threats because I am not going to cooperate with people who tried to exploit me for Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals 

So on instagram I have started documenting things that I have always wanted to do and tell my story while I am at it. I am hurting and I need healing. 

Its sad that I am doing it 4 years later and having gone through unnecessary trauma and abuse. US Military  can always say, atleast we tried and failed to commit a crime but its me who is left with the pain, flashbacks and trauma of the abuse. 

What US Military is not going  to get away with however is keeping this abuse and attempted  international crime a secrect because I am determined to expose it to the last detail. 

Thats the least I can do for now as I intended to continue ro seek justice for damages amd crimes committed against me and my country.  

I am going to keep talking about what happened to me because its relevant to the life I live now. My failure to thrive as a human being has been surpressed on people by US Military  Organised Crime. I as a person who has been attacked, harmed by these people have a right to exercise my freewill and to see justice. 

I am not moving away from this.  

I paid with my time while this crime was taking place. Its time I will never get back . Destruction of my property I will never get back.  The will be consequences that should be felt as a result of this crime.

I love research and knowledge. I should have settled, had a family. Be at a different chapter in my life. Instead I was attacked, abused, torture, indoctrinated in terrorism

Been robbed from me for the last four years. My time that was wasted and can never be returned me to. Someone has to pay.