My chronic headaches are a result of electromagnetic attack to engage me in trauma based mind control. Trauma based mind control is done by force and pain to force me to do what I dont want to do. US Military  injected me with a brain implant without my consent  in 2013 and are using HAARP related electromagnetic technology to force to me work in ways that are illegal and interavine my health and wellbeing. I am suffering a huge amount of pain and discomfort and I am lossing time and ability to use my own time effectively and as I wish. The reason I documentthis crime is to get at minimum a legal address to this crime and to rise public awareness to US Military abuse who are engaged in genocidal practices with electromagnetic HAARP weapons


My website development is being highjacked by US Military. Its something that is a recurring nightmare in my life since US Military attacked me in 2013.

The constant interference in my life to project themselves in a way that they can use my identity to their benefit, regardless of my own wishes and needs. I have said again and again, I dont want these people in my life. They are isolating me, sabotaging my happiness, social life, diet, health and wellbeing.

They keep trying to take conntrol of my life when I dont want any external control in my life.

Planning my life is not always easy because of the electromagnetic interference I get in my life and the criminal domination that threatens to take my human rights. My human rights are non negotiable and it is the minimal I expect to be treated as a human being. Therefore I am saying, what ever US Military is doing now and before, will be in my book, judged according to international law etc.

I am tired of playing manipulative and pschological games that allow US Military criminals to think they is an opportunity to overide my personal wishes and abuse me for their benefit.

I will be , if given a chance in court, be speaking about these crimes to seek a criminal conviction. And I am within my legal rights.

I plan my life everyday trying to seek a peaceful and free from abuse and torture from the US Military. I try and plan my career and repair my damaged identity by taking control of the smallest things people take for granted. Had I not exposed US Military for gross abuses these will be things that I eould be denied as a person and human being. Making decision about what I want to eat, daily is a battle. The motivies behind denying me a good diet and wellbeing includes a selfish need to control me for non consensual human experimentation. Which has resulted in their led projects, being forced apon me collapsing. I have coined it – Stolen Identity for my intended photographic project. I yearn for my practice and my career which is where i want to be and what I want to do, on my terms. This is not a team project or a project I want hijacked. A warning to US Military – I consider your interference in my work an infringe of my human rights, an illegal act – denial of self determination but trying to create an unhealthy environment of learned helplessness where US Military take control and dominate the project to their benefit. I am stresses this now, I dont want US Military involvement in my own  life. They have created enough damage that would reqire repeated hanging at the gallows. Unfortunately we only live once, and so is my sense of urgency – this is my only life – not your experimental ground.

I did a post on Instagram today were I lead my plans and goals for the future. I dont want to come accross as unrealible as a result of US Military interference in my life, the reason I expose it and make it known, I will be suing for damages. Thats my default position from day one and will remain so in the future. I dont want these criminals running my life.


Weight loss journey soo far in kgs. Dont judge, I know I need a pedicure;  as I also discovered in my first Pilates class, I need new socks.

Starting weight       : 102.4 kg

Previous Weight     : 101.6 kg

Previous Weight     :   98.2 kg

Current Weight        :   96.8 kg

Weight loss so far  : (5.6) kg

Week                        :   9

Goal Weight            :   60.0 kg

Required loss          : (36.8) kg

Possible goal date

At 0.5 kg per week : 73.6 weeks

At 1kg per week     : 36.8 weeks

Ideal Goal to be

Complete in           : 36  – 43 weeks

Total weight loss

journey time

scale                      :52 weeks /1 Year

April 2017 – April

Reward                  : Book Studio Shoot         to develop a Photography project

addressing stolen identity & shadow

Electromagnetic weapons operators
Career goals

Long term           :  academic goal for the photographic project is to develop a PHD thesis as well as seek funding for 2018 semester
Short term maintain my current job which is very rewarding and allow me to enjoy the lifestyle I currently have. My bills are paid and the work is rewarding

Long term weight management

Getting off the yoyo deiting cycle which must have a negative cycle on ones health. Instead focus on Long term weight management goals including good physical and mental health wellbeing, maintaining weight loss though application of skills, I would have developed in the year 2017 – 2018

Relationships and Social networking and Entertainment.

I am isolated as a result of my attack in 2013. I am working hard to address issues that have denied me opportunities to be happy and to interact with people who are like minded and beneficial to my growth and wellbeing. I am keen to participate in as many social events as I can and to integrate in society
Electromagnetic attacks

My recent electromagnetic attack was on 19th May 2017 to Current. It is a criminal act that I am hoping will be addressed by criminal courts or though they is possibility, things will go terribly wrong as a result of these persistent attacks.

I could not get to sleep until 5 am in the morning because of electromagnetic attacks and strategic trageted noise to keep me awake at night. I was trying to keep calm as I knew the whole process was designed to keep my anxiety levels very high.  When I finally fell asleep it was very brief.  I woke up  in pain and feeling destressed by the abuse. I took some pain killers and made a GP appointment to discuss my own going medical issues since my attack in 2013 .

I have this weekend off work. US Military use my time off work to push extensive forms of mind control. This weekend I also happen to be meeting with Zimbabwean women which US Military has show an interest to embed in the development of Zimbabweans for Military purpose

They have already tried to indoctrinate me in Terrorism, demand Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals, and tried grooming me in prostitution and child sacrifice to frame me for terrorism. They were forcing me to build a database of Zimbabwean women in the diaspora using me as a front, which they wanted to control in the background. I exposed this as I am familiar with US Military use of platforms to engage in distabilisation of countries for regime change purpose and as platforms for propaganda

This is my timeline of events beginning

Friday 19 May 2017

US Military put an illegal implant called a neurolace in 2013 into my brain without my knowledge or consent, done by attacking me in my sleep. Only knew when this had been done. They use the neurolace to transmit electromagnetic frequencies for Trauma Based Mind Control. Last night they were overheating the neurolace and trying to use my meeting with the Zimbabwean women as a focal point of their mind control programming . They want to inflitrate my relationships for their agenda which I have refused as I am not going to be used as a figure head in their criminal activities

20/05/17 AM – Noise Campaign

US Military have been using strategically placed noise and lazer attacks to force me to engage with their presence in my personal space. This is a mind control technique to disenable me from making critical judgement as they hijack my brain critical functioning.

20/05/2017 8 30am : Tinnitus

US Military broadcast to me via voice to skull to give me instructions and to run my life. They are trying to keep this communication channel open 24/7 so all I am getting at the moment is Tinnitus. This allows them to intercept my space at anytime and issue voice to skull commands for their trauma based mind control.

902 am Overheating neurolace and Voice to Skull

1022 am Slight heating , electromagnetic force and pressure at various points in my head.

11.00am I had breakfast then I fell asleep. I suddenly could not stay up as usual, due to electromagnetic attack to my brain being abused with electromagnetic impulses causing drowsiness and sleep. So I slept till they woke me up from this induced sleep at 1pm. I take serious offence to this constant interference of my life. I am not selectively making choices that I want but choices are being made for me. It makes me question everything that is been chosen for me that has no personal input to it. I am basically being expected to follow an agenda that I have no interest in. As a result of electromagnetic abuse that happened last night and this morning, I have cancelled the meeting with Zimbabwean women. I need time to recover from the ordeal.

0100 am I woke up from a dream induced sleep. My forehead was in soo much pain. I could feel the heat from the overheated neurolace

Since my attack, US Military have been interested in using my identity for espionage based activity aganist my country of Zimbabwe. The events that have occurred show calculated and continuous attempts to use me aganist my will to engage in activity that can cause harm to my country and the people of Zimbabwe.

I have never been political, hence giving US Military the cover they need to groom me without suspicion.

I was never asked if I wanted to be part of this activity. I was attacked, and compromised with a neurolace, which allow US Military to abuse me without my cooperation.  The crime is covert and hiden so no one else can see the activity except the intended victim. Very few people have physical scars but most people end up being misdiagnosed over and over and never having their actual internal injuries investigated. I am one of the people who have few outside injuries but most are internal. One thing I have managed to capture and retain a few times is the images of leaking brain fluid from the implant due to invasive activities that were being done to my brain.

Image of brain fluid that was leaking from my brain through the nasal passage. The nasal passage was used to deploy the neurolace through an injection in the nasal passage

I was never a willing participant. No prior consultation or discussion ever took place or my views were ever needed or consultanted. This is an act of vandalism and identity theft. US Military vandalised my mental integrity and started using my identity for organised crime. I was part of the plan, clearly not in my best interest, I have been able to expose US Military for these crimes which stared 2013 to now.

This is an ongoing issue as I have a neurolace that US Military put without my consent and knowledge. They have tried to use mind control to fragment and slipt my identity with little or no success because I keep reverting to the core priciples of my belief system – Transperance, Honesty and Integrity.

I  believe these were the qualities they were looking for in their victim. Had it ‘worked’, it would be a successful conversion and a successful development for their technology.