US Military wanted to segregate my abuse and torture by isolating me. And would tell me inflate my role in various groups so that I would come across as aloof and above everyone when in reality I am a victim of electromagnetic abuse and by isolating me, US Military get to continue their crime without the look in from outside.

They is no rule book on how to deal with electromagnetic abuse but they are rules that can be applied to expose this crime. Now I am at a phase where I am confronting the abuse and questioning everything good and bad. I mention ‘good’ because every abuser will try to maintain a relationship with the victim by pretending to change or even leave, before the whole cycle begans again. I have been through serveral cycles to know things will not change unless something drastic happens. I have to start a campaign that exposes these people for who they really are to everyone and go into minute detail of this crime. People are invited to listen and to be aware, so they can identify and can help someone who falls victim to this crime to act and expose this crime. I am not the only one talking about US Military electromagnetic HAARP crime, I know that we are reaching a boiling point where all these crimes will be confronted and exposed on a large scale, globally.

They have tried to force me to go underground before so I would be a victim of electromagnetic crime without people knowing. Now that people know, US Military pretended to stop what they were doing to me for me to go quite, then start abusing me again with HAARP electromagnetic Frequencies and HAARP related weapons including voice to skull were they force information into my brain both consciously and subconsciously that affect my life daily. US Military uses Trauma based mind control to force me to perform activities aganist my will. I would never ask US Military to interfer in my life, in the past, now or in the future. Its non consensual and illegal mind control.

They have tried to segregate me from Targeted Individuals community by trying to creating an impression that my role was to create an activism platform for charity. Which the ‘same’ criminals will direct and control. I found this hypocritical and insulting. I was not put on this earth to be enslaved and make ‘hash’ money to subdue people who are abused from revolting against this crime. I would rather see people revolt and sue these companies until they are bankrupt. They are trying to get away with serious crimes.

As well as trying to control my actions, US Military were trying to stop me pursuing my own legal justice case I want to put together and pursue extensive damage aganist US Military for abuse, torture, isolation, denied free will to act out my own thoughts and wishes,  terrorism indoctrination, grooming me for prostitution and Muslim child sacrifice. All linked to framing me for terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. This was done in incremental levels as the plot /script they had in mind was being put together. This crime has elements of actually putting me in real scenarios to act out these crimes, thats why they isolated me and were not allowing me to exercise my free will so they could execute this crime. This is how serious this crime is.

After exposing US Military for terrorism indoctrination and other crimes, US military started putting pressure for me to go silent about the crime, forcing me into situations that I would be totally occupied and not be able to fully comprehend what they were doing to me was a crime. A crime that was continuing under different circumstances. They was an element to silence me and stop me from pursing criminal charges against US Military because they were embedding themselves into aspects of my life without my consent expecting me to be grateful. US Military would follow some of these demands with threats and blackmail, specially prepared to pschologically manipulate me and force me to comply.

I haven’t found US Military exist in my life helpful, instead their presence is very stressful and disruptive. Its destabilising my life, I cant make plans or pursue anything of interest as US Military changes my plans and covert manipulate me to do what they want. Its constant and it only escalate until I reach a breaking point, everytime. Nothing can make up for the 5 years of my life I have lost . And I am not going to give this criminals another opportunity. Its stops here!!!

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