I am on a war path against US Military HAARP electromagnetic abuse and mind control with HAARP and HAARP Related weapons. 

I am going to expose how US Military have used HAARP electromagnetic weapons to control my life since 2013. Indoctrinate me in terrorism, embedding themselves into my life without consent, to run every aspect of my life through manipulation and trauma based mind control with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons 

The control affects how I live, isolating me by force, denying me relationships and friends so they can priorities their mind control.  Its a crime and its illegal and it needs exposing. 

Since 2013 US Military have tried to take control of every aspect of my life without my consent. In 2013-2016 US Military attempted to indoctrinate me in terrorism by radicalising me against my government and making Militia plans on my behalf, forced me to have a muslim child ‘for sacrifice ‘ to their agenda. After two years of electromagnetic abuse and demands, I was able to put the various links together and conclude that US Military were trying to frame me for Islamic terrorism, their agenda was to use war to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals and I was being used because I am Zimbabwean.  I reported US Military to the Zimbabwe government in 2016, so that they would put a stop to my abuse.  This lead US Military to embark on a coverup. US Military continued with their mind control abuse to cover up their crime. I have been through serveral pharses of this crime where US Military is trying to cover up the initial crime and trying to control over every aspect of my life for mind control experiments. 

I decided to expose everything because none of the things US Military is imposing in my life represents the life I want for myself.  They are trying to force me to comply , yet I have said it again and again, I dont want anyone controlling or telling me what to do with my time or day. The fact that US Military maintain an electromagnetic connection to interfer and direct my life without my consent shows how controlling the crime is. I have decided to expose everything because my only way out is through a lawsuit. I want US Military prosecuted and sued for these crime. They should be made to pay for interfering and disrupting peoples life. 

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