What Happened

The last two days I have been vocal about US Military hijacking my projects and defining the direction of my development in order to cover up the ‘intial crime’ of terrorism indoctrination with Electromagnetic frequences , HAARP and HAARP related weapons that happened between 2013 – 2016. 

I had just completed a BA in Photography when I was attacked and gangstalked by US Military in 2013 , I was fascinated by photography and were looking at various forms of expression within the subject. I was interested in positive developments in the African communitiey and how photography could be used to communicate positive developments and overcome negative stereotypes on the international platform. I wanted a break from education, in 2013 I was hopping to settle, focus on my home, meet a partner, start a family and watch my career developing gradually. 

I hoped later on after my educational break, to go back and do a PHD. I wanted to base my work in my home country. I wanted to help people preserve their memories, their photographs in digital archives. I was interested in visual archives, photographs from pre and post independence era. I wanted to know where and what people were doing in their photographs and what it said about out societies and communities. It was going to be ulteristic and rewarding. I was not looking for fame or instant gratification. I wasnt driven by ego or competition. I had found a niche in the field of photography and I wanted to dedicate my life preserving our history for future generations. 

 I was happy and content with my plans. 

US Military have tried to keep me enslaved against my will trying to create a different version of events that include an attempt to indoctrinate me in Terrorism and trying to cover up this crime by forcing me change the direction of MY PROJECTS to suit their agenda. Projects I have tried to pursue and been denied because US Military keep interfering and taking control denying me the right to actualise my work and pursue self determination. They keep interfering in my drafting of my work and changing that work so they can control it. They use threats, force and trauma based mind control to demand they be taken in a certain direction to suit their purpose. When I started blogging on ‘Iamnotaprototype.com’ I was trying to expose US Military mind control crimes. US Military tried to take control of the blog, tried to change the tone of my blog and tell me that I should turn it into a charity and they were going to tell me who to help as they know who they have affected with is crime. They were basically telling me my blog will be turned into a charity to pay hush money to victims of electromagnetic crime. I refused. I am not going to be used to cover up criminal activity. People should pursue these criminals to the ends of the law. So I see this hijacking of my work to change its poupose or vision to fit into propaganda for US Military organised crime

I was attacked in August 2013.  And that became a very disruptive and unsetting moment in my life. I was able to enrol in a Masters program seeking to develop myself. But the attack never stopped. The Masters I never completed due to US Military interference. I would be attacked with by gangs of man whenever I went out in public. I was told I was being Attacked because they wanted me to stay home 24/7.

They said I was an artist and I should work from home. I was not allowed to work. US Military use my gangstalking to isolate me for terrorism indoctrination. They told me they were entitled to attack people and direct their art development. They called themselves the Illuminati. They were above the law. They told me I was also above the law and that If I was told to perform a crime, I was not suppose to refuse because their instructions are above the law. 

They had ambushed me and would get away with this crime for 2+years before I raised the alarm. Told Zimbabwe government what was happening to me. This was significant and a blow to US Military plans because they were indoctrinating me in terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.  They were telling me that I was not going to do any art until I gave them a Muslim child sacrifice for their agenda. They told me the child belonged to them and will be part of the various experiments they were doing with technologies. They would tell me to carry out various this to the child. If the child died, I was to tell the police and social services that I had suffered postnatal depression. US Military told me I was not allowed to involve anyone from outside without their approval and say so. Therefore I was not allowed to seek any medical treatment for me and this child without US Military say so. US Military told me they expected the worst to be me killing that child and going to prison. That I should not worry because I will be deported to Zimbabwe at some point to finish my sentence. But should expect no to spend my sentence in Zimbabwe, they would then resume their terrorism plans from their. They wanted guarantee that once I was deported from UK I would not be able to come back and disrupt their terrorism plans. 
So for the baby, they already had a man pick out to impregnate me. He was one of my neighbours living upstairs. He was muslim and a refguee from Iraq. I was told to seduce and get pregnant by him. I was also told that he will be my source for extra income, since I was not working. They were telling me to prostitute myself and exploit this man. 

Because I was hesistating and refusing to go along with the plan, they told me I was suppose to follow their instructions as they already had many things to frame me for terrorism. My only option was to follow through and play my part. 

But having this child was what US Military wanted to frame me for slamic terrorism links. They wanted to use the child as confirmation that I was linked to Islam through a Muslim child

They told me they wanted Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals for their military weapons including HAARP. The ash mix in Chemtrails is made up of minerals, so found abundantly in Zimbabwe. The knew I had no money to access buy these minerals, I was not working because they had forced me out of my job but forcing me to go on long term off sickness. Isolated, they began radicalising me, telling me I was going to lead a rebellion against my government and try to get the minerals for myself and US Military who were behind my indoctrination would create a blackmarket for the resources. US Military would provide militia who will support this revolution. 

They started radicalising me, using Mbuya Nehanda  (Zimbabwe Siritual Leader) ideology to radicalise me against my government. They were telling me the Zimbabwean people are not free. The Zimbabwean government is the oppressor so I must lead a revolution. The US Military wanted in return for the revolution was the minerals.  This was a form of colour revolution US Military were engineering without consent or knowledge of the Zimbabwean government. They were trying to overthrow the government like the did in Libya and are doing in Syria. 
They were  keeping me isolated, indoctonating me in terrorism, blackmailing, using abuse and trauma based torture to force me to comply. 

They were also radicalising me, 

and telling me they would take care of the who process. I had to follow instructions and I was answerable to NATO. Later I would reflect how it all erily was similar to US terrorist organisations all over Syria and Lybia. 

What US Military never counted on was going online and telling the world that they were engineering terrorism for Zimbabwe. Subsequently US Military started covering up this crime to make it look like they were trying to develop my art career. 

To me I refused to be silenced. I want this crime exposed. 

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