9 days to remember

I never thought I would reach a break through in my exposing US Military electromagnetic abuse. When I exposed US Military for terrorism indoctrination, I started focusing on developing ‘I am not a prototype’ as a platform for telling my story and venting my anger. But this was going against US Military plans so they interfered pushing agenda of another website targeting my own development and community. I realised that they are investing more into that website, against my wishes or consent. They were trying to take control of its development, content and direction. So I began questioning this intrest, was they hidden motive or agenda to this development. Why am I doing work that is controlled by US Military Organised Crime? It seems to carry the interest of US Military than mine. Why would a group of criminals who spend 2+years indoctrinating me in terrorism, have an interest in a platform that could influence people and a nation. They must be hidden motives behind it. US Military is know for regime change agendas and colour revolution. Using innocent citizens is not beneath them. Thats why they pose danger to people of other countries. 

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