Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain : I have suffered chronic pain everyday since my attack in 2013. This pain has been caused by exposure to electromagnetic frequencies for mind control. The pain levels change depending on the activity that I am being forced to perform. When US Military want to exercise greater control over me, I am subjected to higher levels of frequencies causing me confusion and paralysis in my personal thinking and actions, so US Military can take over and force me to act or do what they want. 

In 2013 – 2016 US Military forced me into isolation and indoctrinated me in terrorism. I had to tell my government of this crime which lead to US Military trying to cover up and pretend to be doing this crime for my benefit. 

They continue to interfer in my effort to tell my story; of how US Military attacked me, indoctrinated me in terrorism and demand a muslim child sacrifice, a child which was to be used to frame me for links to terrorism so US Military to claim I had links to Islamic terrorism. US Military want to invade Zimbabwe on false ‘war on terror’ claims for Strategic Minerals they need for military weapons like HAARP , ash in Chemtrails and other military weapons

Its important to note that Zimbabwe and US have a strained relationship. US has surrounded Africa with US Military bases under Africom , to which Zimbabwe has refused to be part of. So US engineering terrorism using Zimbabwe Citizens shows a criminal intent to use force to invade the country and control it by force. US Military has bases in Africa ready to use force to invade and exploit countries for resources.
Two examples where US Military are known to have engineered terrorism and subsequently invaded include Syria and Lybia. I have no doubt this is what was planned for Zimbabwe

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