Leaking Brain Fluid

The evidence of the damage done to my brain by the implant ( neurolace) put in my brain without my consent or knowledge by US Military. 

Once in was deployed US Military then proceeded to isolate, abuse, torture and create new neuro pathways which involved indoctrinating me in Terrorism and forcing me to have a muslim child to frame me for links to Islamic terrorism.
After exposing US Military were trying to force me to develop a website for women from Zimbabwe that they were controlling every detail and I had no imput or say in the development. I finally came to the conclusion that I was being used to put a front on a website run by US Military. These US Military/ CIA run websites are dangerous as they can be weaponised and used aganist communities and governments i.e for political propaganda, colour revelations etc 

So far US Military has continued to orchestra situations that go againist my wishes and pose a threat to the National Security of Zimbabwe through HAARP electromagnetic mind control technology.

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