Identity theft

Since my attack, US Military have been interested in using my identity for espionage based activity aganist my country of Zimbabwe. The events that have occurred show calculated and continuous attempts to use me aganist my will to engage in activity that can cause harm to my country and the people of Zimbabwe.

I have never been political, hence giving US Military the cover they need to groom me without suspicion.

I was never asked if I wanted to be part of this activity. I was attacked, and compromised with a neurolace, which allow US Military to abuse me without my cooperation.  The crime is covert and hiden so no one else can see the activity except the intended victim. Very few people have physical scars but most people end up being misdiagnosed over and over and never having their actual internal injuries investigated. I am one of the people who have few outside injuries but most are internal. One thing I have managed to capture and retain a few times is the images of leaking brain fluid from the implant due to invasive activities that were being done to my brain.

Image of brain fluid that was leaking from my brain through the nasal passage. The nasal passage was used to deploy the neurolace through an injection in the nasal passage

I was never a willing participant. No prior consultation or discussion ever took place or my views were ever needed or consultanted. This is an act of vandalism and identity theft. US Military vandalised my mental integrity and started using my identity for organised crime. I was part of the plan, clearly not in my best interest, I have been able to expose US Military for these crimes which stared 2013 to now.

This is an ongoing issue as I have a neurolace that US Military put without my consent and knowledge. They have tried to use mind control to fragment and slipt my identity with little or no success because I keep reverting to the core priciples of my belief system – Transperance, Honesty and Integrity.

I  believe these were the qualities they were looking for in their victim. Had it ‘worked’, it would be a successful conversion and a successful development for their technology.

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