Weekend off

I have this weekend off work. US Military use my time off work to push extensive forms of mind control. This weekend I also happen to be meeting with Zimbabwean women which US Military has show an interest to embed in the development of Zimbabweans for Military purpose

They have already tried to indoctrinate me in Terrorism, demand Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals, and tried grooming me in prostitution and child sacrifice to frame me for terrorism. They were forcing me to build a database of Zimbabwean women in the diaspora using me as a front, which they wanted to control in the background. I exposed this as I am familiar with US Military use of platforms to engage in distabilisation of countries for regime change purpose and as platforms for propaganda

This is my timeline of events beginning

Friday 19 May 2017

US Military put an illegal implant called a neurolace in 2013 into my brain without my knowledge or consent, done by attacking me in my sleep. Only knew when this had been done. They use the neurolace to transmit electromagnetic frequencies for Trauma Based Mind Control. Last night they were overheating the neurolace and trying to use my meeting with the Zimbabwean women as a focal point of their mind control programming . They want to inflitrate my relationships for their agenda which I have refused as I am not going to be used as a figure head in their criminal activities

20/05/17 AM – Noise Campaign

US Military have been using strategically placed noise and lazer attacks to force me to engage with their presence in my personal space. This is a mind control technique to disenable me from making critical judgement as they hijack my brain critical functioning.

20/05/2017 8 30am : Tinnitus

US Military broadcast to me via voice to skull to give me instructions and to run my life. They are trying to keep this communication channel open 24/7 so all I am getting at the moment is Tinnitus. This allows them to intercept my space at anytime and issue voice to skull commands for their trauma based mind control.

902 am Overheating neurolace and Voice to Skull

1022 am Slight heating , electromagnetic force and pressure at various points in my head.

11.00am I had breakfast then I fell asleep. I suddenly could not stay up as usual, due to electromagnetic attack to my brain being abused with electromagnetic impulses causing drowsiness and sleep. So I slept till they woke me up from this induced sleep at 1pm. I take serious offence to this constant interference of my life. I am not selectively making choices that I want but choices are being made for me. It makes me question everything that is been chosen for me that has no personal input to it. I am basically being expected to follow an agenda that I have no interest in. As a result of electromagnetic abuse that happened last night and this morning, I have cancelled the meeting with Zimbabwean women. I need time to recover from the ordeal.

0100 am I woke up from a dream induced sleep. My forehead was in soo much pain. I could feel the heat from the overheated neurolace

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