Electromagnetic Interference

Planning my life is not always easy because of the electromagnetic interference I get in my life and the criminal domination that threatens to take my human rights. My human rights are non negotiable and it is the minimal I expect to be treated as a human being. Therefore I am saying, what ever US Military is doing now and before, will be in my book, judged according to international law etc.

I am tired of playing manipulative and pschological games that allow US Military criminals to think they is an opportunity to overide my personal wishes and abuse me for their benefit.

I will be , if given a chance in court, be speaking about these crimes to seek a criminal conviction. And I am within my legal rights.

I plan my life everyday trying to seek a peaceful and free from abuse and torture from the US Military. I try and plan my career and repair my damaged identity by taking control of the smallest things people take for granted. Had I not exposed US Military for gross abuses these will be things that I eould be denied as a person and human being. Making decision about what I want to eat, daily is a battle. The motivies behind denying me a good diet and wellbeing includes a selfish need to control me for non consensual human experimentation. Which has resulted in their led projects, being forced apon me collapsing. I have coined it – Stolen Identity for my intended photographic project. I yearn for my practice and my career which is where i want to be and what I want to do, on my terms. This is not a team project or a project I want hijacked. A warning to US Military – I consider your interference in my work an infringe of my human rights, an illegal act – denial of self determination but trying to create an unhealthy environment of learned helplessness where US Military take control and dominate the project to their benefit. I am stresses this now, I dont want US Military involvement in my own  life. They have created enough damage that would reqire repeated hanging at the gallows. Unfortunately we only live once, and so is my sense of urgency – this is my only life – not your experimental ground.

I did a post on Instagram today were I lead my plans and goals for the future. I dont want to come accross as unrealible as a result of US Military interference in my life, the reason I expose it and make it known, I will be suing for damages. Thats my default position from day one and will remain so in the future. I dont want these criminals running my life.


Weight loss journey soo far in kgs. Dont judge, I know I need a pedicure;  as I also discovered in my first Pilates class, I need new socks.

Starting weight       : 102.4 kg

Previous Weight     : 101.6 kg

Previous Weight     :   98.2 kg

Current Weight        :   96.8 kg

Weight loss so far  : (5.6) kg

Week                        :   9

Goal Weight            :   60.0 kg

Required loss          : (36.8) kg

Possible goal date

At 0.5 kg per week : 73.6 weeks

At 1kg per week     : 36.8 weeks

Ideal Goal to be

Complete in           : 36  – 43 weeks

Total weight loss

journey time

scale                      :52 weeks /1 Year

April 2017 – April

Reward                  : Book Studio Shoot         to develop a Photography project

addressing stolen identity & shadow

Electromagnetic weapons operators
Career goals

Long term           :  academic goal for the photographic project is to develop a PHD thesis as well as seek funding for 2018 semester
Short term maintain my current job which is very rewarding and allow me to enjoy the lifestyle I currently have. My bills are paid and the work is rewarding

Long term weight management

Getting off the yoyo deiting cycle which must have a negative cycle on ones health. Instead focus on Long term weight management goals including good physical and mental health wellbeing, maintaining weight loss though application of skills, I would have developed in the year 2017 – 2018

Relationships and Social networking and Entertainment.

I am isolated as a result of my attack in 2013. I am working hard to address issues that have denied me opportunities to be happy and to interact with people who are like minded and beneficial to my growth and wellbeing. I am keen to participate in as many social events as I can and to integrate in society
Electromagnetic attacks

My recent electromagnetic attack was on 19th May 2017 to Current. It is a criminal act that I am hoping will be addressed by criminal courts or though they is possibility, things will go terribly wrong as a result of these persistent attacks.

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