Leaking Brain Fluid

The evidence of the damage done to my brain by the implant ( neurolace) put in my brain without my consent or knowledge by US Military. 

Once in was deployed US Military then proceeded to isolate, abuse, torture and create new neuro pathways which involved indoctrinating me in Terrorism and forcing me to have a muslim child to frame me for links to Islamic terrorism.
After exposing US Military were trying to force me to develop a website for women from Zimbabwe that they were controlling every detail and I had no imput or say in the development. I finally came to the conclusion that I was being used to put a front on a website run by US Military. These US Military/ CIA run websites are dangerous as they can be weaponised and used aganist communities and governments i.e for political propaganda, colour revelations etc 

So far US Military has continued to orchestra situations that go againist my wishes and pose a threat to the National Security of Zimbabwe through HAARP electromagnetic mind control technology.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain : I have suffered chronic pain everyday since my attack in 2013. This pain has been caused by exposure to electromagnetic frequencies for mind control. The pain levels change depending on the activity that I am being forced to perform. When US Military want to exercise greater control over me, I am subjected to higher levels of frequencies causing me confusion and paralysis in my personal thinking and actions, so US Military can take over and force me to act or do what they want. 

In 2013 – 2016 US Military forced me into isolation and indoctrinated me in terrorism. I had to tell my government of this crime which lead to US Military trying to cover up and pretend to be doing this crime for my benefit. 

They continue to interfer in my effort to tell my story; of how US Military attacked me, indoctrinated me in terrorism and demand a muslim child sacrifice, a child which was to be used to frame me for links to terrorism so US Military to claim I had links to Islamic terrorism. US Military want to invade Zimbabwe on false ‘war on terror’ claims for Strategic Minerals they need for military weapons like HAARP , ash in Chemtrails and other military weapons

Its important to note that Zimbabwe and US have a strained relationship. US has surrounded Africa with US Military bases under Africom , to which Zimbabwe has refused to be part of. So US engineering terrorism using Zimbabwe Citizens shows a criminal intent to use force to invade the country and control it by force. US Military has bases in Africa ready to use force to invade and exploit countries for resources.
Two examples where US Military are known to have engineered terrorism and subsequently invaded include Syria and Lybia. I have no doubt this is what was planned for Zimbabwe

9 days to remember

I never thought I would reach a break through in my exposing US Military electromagnetic abuse. When I exposed US Military for terrorism indoctrination, I started focusing on developing ‘I am not a prototype’ as a platform for telling my story and venting my anger. But this was going against US Military plans so they interfered pushing agenda of another website targeting my own development and community. I realised that they are investing more into that website, against my wishes or consent. They were trying to take control of its development, content and direction. So I began questioning this intrest, was they hidden motive or agenda to this development. Why am I doing work that is controlled by US Military Organised Crime? It seems to carry the interest of US Military than mine. Why would a group of criminals who spend 2+years indoctrinating me in terrorism, have an interest in a platform that could influence people and a nation. They must be hidden motives behind it. US Military is know for regime change agendas and colour revolution. Using innocent citizens is not beneath them. Thats why they pose danger to people of other countries. 

What Happened

The last two days I have been vocal about US Military hijacking my projects and defining the direction of my development in order to cover up the ‘intial crime’ of terrorism indoctrination with Electromagnetic frequences , HAARP and HAARP related weapons that happened between 2013 – 2016. 

I had just completed a BA in Photography when I was attacked and gangstalked by US Military in 2013 , I was fascinated by photography and were looking at various forms of expression within the subject. I was interested in positive developments in the African communitiey and how photography could be used to communicate positive developments and overcome negative stereotypes on the international platform. I wanted a break from education, in 2013 I was hopping to settle, focus on my home, meet a partner, start a family and watch my career developing gradually. 

I hoped later on after my educational break, to go back and do a PHD. I wanted to base my work in my home country. I wanted to help people preserve their memories, their photographs in digital archives. I was interested in visual archives, photographs from pre and post independence era. I wanted to know where and what people were doing in their photographs and what it said about out societies and communities. It was going to be ulteristic and rewarding. I was not looking for fame or instant gratification. I wasnt driven by ego or competition. I had found a niche in the field of photography and I wanted to dedicate my life preserving our history for future generations. 

 I was happy and content with my plans. 

US Military have tried to keep me enslaved against my will trying to create a different version of events that include an attempt to indoctrinate me in Terrorism and trying to cover up this crime by forcing me change the direction of MY PROJECTS to suit their agenda. Projects I have tried to pursue and been denied because US Military keep interfering and taking control denying me the right to actualise my work and pursue self determination. They keep interfering in my drafting of my work and changing that work so they can control it. They use threats, force and trauma based mind control to demand they be taken in a certain direction to suit their purpose. When I started blogging on ‘Iamnotaprototype.com’ I was trying to expose US Military mind control crimes. US Military tried to take control of the blog, tried to change the tone of my blog and tell me that I should turn it into a charity and they were going to tell me who to help as they know who they have affected with is crime. They were basically telling me my blog will be turned into a charity to pay hush money to victims of electromagnetic crime. I refused. I am not going to be used to cover up criminal activity. People should pursue these criminals to the ends of the law. So I see this hijacking of my work to change its poupose or vision to fit into propaganda for US Military organised crime

I was attacked in August 2013.  And that became a very disruptive and unsetting moment in my life. I was able to enrol in a Masters program seeking to develop myself. But the attack never stopped. The Masters I never completed due to US Military interference. I would be attacked with by gangs of man whenever I went out in public. I was told I was being Attacked because they wanted me to stay home 24/7.

They said I was an artist and I should work from home. I was not allowed to work. US Military use my gangstalking to isolate me for terrorism indoctrination. They told me they were entitled to attack people and direct their art development. They called themselves the Illuminati. They were above the law. They told me I was also above the law and that If I was told to perform a crime, I was not suppose to refuse because their instructions are above the law. 

They had ambushed me and would get away with this crime for 2+years before I raised the alarm. Told Zimbabwe government what was happening to me. This was significant and a blow to US Military plans because they were indoctrinating me in terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.  They were telling me that I was not going to do any art until I gave them a Muslim child sacrifice for their agenda. They told me the child belonged to them and will be part of the various experiments they were doing with technologies. They would tell me to carry out various this to the child. If the child died, I was to tell the police and social services that I had suffered postnatal depression. US Military told me I was not allowed to involve anyone from outside without their approval and say so. Therefore I was not allowed to seek any medical treatment for me and this child without US Military say so. US Military told me they expected the worst to be me killing that child and going to prison. That I should not worry because I will be deported to Zimbabwe at some point to finish my sentence. But should expect no to spend my sentence in Zimbabwe, they would then resume their terrorism plans from their. They wanted guarantee that once I was deported from UK I would not be able to come back and disrupt their terrorism plans. 
So for the baby, they already had a man pick out to impregnate me. He was one of my neighbours living upstairs. He was muslim and a refguee from Iraq. I was told to seduce and get pregnant by him. I was also told that he will be my source for extra income, since I was not working. They were telling me to prostitute myself and exploit this man. 

Because I was hesistating and refusing to go along with the plan, they told me I was suppose to follow their instructions as they already had many things to frame me for terrorism. My only option was to follow through and play my part. 

But having this child was what US Military wanted to frame me for slamic terrorism links. They wanted to use the child as confirmation that I was linked to Islam through a Muslim child

They told me they wanted Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals for their military weapons including HAARP. The ash mix in Chemtrails is made up of minerals, so found abundantly in Zimbabwe. The knew I had no money to access buy these minerals, I was not working because they had forced me out of my job but forcing me to go on long term off sickness. Isolated, they began radicalising me, telling me I was going to lead a rebellion against my government and try to get the minerals for myself and US Military who were behind my indoctrination would create a blackmarket for the resources. US Military would provide militia who will support this revolution. 

They started radicalising me, using Mbuya Nehanda  (Zimbabwe Siritual Leader) ideology to radicalise me against my government. They were telling me the Zimbabwean people are not free. The Zimbabwean government is the oppressor so I must lead a revolution. The US Military wanted in return for the revolution was the minerals.  This was a form of colour revolution US Military were engineering without consent or knowledge of the Zimbabwean government. They were trying to overthrow the government like the did in Libya and are doing in Syria. 
They were  keeping me isolated, indoctonating me in terrorism, blackmailing, using abuse and trauma based torture to force me to comply. 

They were also radicalising me, 

and telling me they would take care of the who process. I had to follow instructions and I was answerable to NATO. Later I would reflect how it all erily was similar to US terrorist organisations all over Syria and Lybia. 

What US Military never counted on was going online and telling the world that they were engineering terrorism for Zimbabwe. Subsequently US Military started covering up this crime to make it look like they were trying to develop my art career. 

To me I refused to be silenced. I want this crime exposed. 


I am on a war path against US Military HAARP electromagnetic abuse and mind control with HAARP and HAARP Related weapons. 

I am going to expose how US Military have used HAARP electromagnetic weapons to control my life since 2013. Indoctrinate me in terrorism, embedding themselves into my life without consent, to run every aspect of my life through manipulation and trauma based mind control with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons 

The control affects how I live, isolating me by force, denying me relationships and friends so they can priorities their mind control.  Its a crime and its illegal and it needs exposing. 

Since 2013 US Military have tried to take control of every aspect of my life without my consent. In 2013-2016 US Military attempted to indoctrinate me in terrorism by radicalising me against my government and making Militia plans on my behalf, forced me to have a muslim child ‘for sacrifice ‘ to their agenda. After two years of electromagnetic abuse and demands, I was able to put the various links together and conclude that US Military were trying to frame me for Islamic terrorism, their agenda was to use war to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals and I was being used because I am Zimbabwean.  I reported US Military to the Zimbabwe government in 2016, so that they would put a stop to my abuse.  This lead US Military to embark on a coverup. US Military continued with their mind control abuse to cover up their crime. I have been through serveral pharses of this crime where US Military is trying to cover up the initial crime and trying to control over every aspect of my life for mind control experiments. 

I decided to expose everything because none of the things US Military is imposing in my life represents the life I want for myself.  They are trying to force me to comply , yet I have said it again and again, I dont want anyone controlling or telling me what to do with my time or day. The fact that US Military maintain an electromagnetic connection to interfer and direct my life without my consent shows how controlling the crime is. I have decided to expose everything because my only way out is through a lawsuit. I want US Military prosecuted and sued for these crime. They should be made to pay for interfering and disrupting peoples life. 


US Military wanted to segregate my abuse and torture by isolating me. And would tell me inflate my role in various groups so that I would come across as aloof and above everyone when in reality I am a victim of electromagnetic abuse and by isolating me, US Military get to continue their crime without the look in from outside.

They is no rule book on how to deal with electromagnetic abuse but they are rules that can be applied to expose this crime. Now I am at a phase where I am confronting the abuse and questioning everything good and bad. I mention ‘good’ because every abuser will try to maintain a relationship with the victim by pretending to change or even leave, before the whole cycle begans again. I have been through serveral cycles to know things will not change unless something drastic happens. I have to start a campaign that exposes these people for who they really are to everyone and go into minute detail of this crime. People are invited to listen and to be aware, so they can identify and can help someone who falls victim to this crime to act and expose this crime. I am not the only one talking about US Military electromagnetic HAARP crime, I know that we are reaching a boiling point where all these crimes will be confronted and exposed on a large scale, globally.

They have tried to force me to go underground before so I would be a victim of electromagnetic crime without people knowing. Now that people know, US Military pretended to stop what they were doing to me for me to go quite, then start abusing me again with HAARP electromagnetic Frequencies and HAARP related weapons including voice to skull were they force information into my brain both consciously and subconsciously that affect my life daily. US Military uses Trauma based mind control to force me to perform activities aganist my will. I would never ask US Military to interfer in my life, in the past, now or in the future. Its non consensual and illegal mind control.

They have tried to segregate me from Targeted Individuals community by trying to creating an impression that my role was to create an activism platform for charity. Which the ‘same’ criminals will direct and control. I found this hypocritical and insulting. I was not put on this earth to be enslaved and make ‘hash’ money to subdue people who are abused from revolting against this crime. I would rather see people revolt and sue these companies until they are bankrupt. They are trying to get away with serious crimes.

As well as trying to control my actions, US Military were trying to stop me pursuing my own legal justice case I want to put together and pursue extensive damage aganist US Military for abuse, torture, isolation, denied free will to act out my own thoughts and wishes,  terrorism indoctrination, grooming me for prostitution and Muslim child sacrifice. All linked to framing me for terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. This was done in incremental levels as the plot /script they had in mind was being put together. This crime has elements of actually putting me in real scenarios to act out these crimes, thats why they isolated me and were not allowing me to exercise my free will so they could execute this crime. This is how serious this crime is.

After exposing US Military for terrorism indoctrination and other crimes, US military started putting pressure for me to go silent about the crime, forcing me into situations that I would be totally occupied and not be able to fully comprehend what they were doing to me was a crime. A crime that was continuing under different circumstances. They was an element to silence me and stop me from pursing criminal charges against US Military because they were embedding themselves into aspects of my life without my consent expecting me to be grateful. US Military would follow some of these demands with threats and blackmail, specially prepared to pschologically manipulate me and force me to comply.

I haven’t found US Military exist in my life helpful, instead their presence is very stressful and disruptive. Its destabilising my life, I cant make plans or pursue anything of interest as US Military changes my plans and covert manipulate me to do what they want. Its constant and it only escalate until I reach a breaking point, everytime. Nothing can make up for the 5 years of my life I have lost . And I am not going to give this criminals another opportunity. Its stops here!!!