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IMG_-je9gf2I am trying to use the academic approach to develop this site, as taught by my tutors – to support experiences with research and critical analysis. As a photography practioner educated to a masters level, I intend to use artistic expression to develop art work related to this project. I will use this platform for personal development, reintergrating myself to be the person I was or aspire to be through self determination. I intend to explore the moral and ethical aspects of non consestual human experimentation and its consequence on people, communities and countries, using my own experience of isolation, abuse, torture, terrorism indoctrination etc. I will also use case studies to highlight plight and various aspects of non consentional human experimentation under the umbrella cover of transhumanism. I am one among many people rising aganist this technology as a result of insight and experiences of abuse with these technologies


My Story

The Timeline 2013 – Current 

June 2013

In June 2013, I was taking a break from work for 2 weeks . I had taken a long break to coincide with my graduation ceremony and festive. My mother and cousin Margret can for a few days to help me celebrate. After they left, I  was home for the rest of the holiday break. I was looking forward to starting a new life. Sorting my life, my home and date more. Unknown to me, I was being being targeted by US Military for a malicious crime that involved mind control and terrorism indoctrination.

I remember that the two weeks of my June holiday were a blur. I recall spending most of the time sleeping and when I went to the toilet, I would be unsteady on my feet. I was having strange nosebleeds and a persistent headache (I had never experienced before). I remember thinking this is how a migraine must feel. I must have been sedated and drugged because, of all the things that were happening to me, I was indifferent. I never at many time think of calling for help. They always seem to be a pulsable reason why all these things were happening and it felt like a phrase that would pass.

It was a crime carried out without my knowledge and consent. I was later to learn in june 2013, US Military broke into my flat and injected me with a load of nano implants to the brain. These implants were deployed to the brain and it took months of heavy insults with direct energy weapons  to the head area to break the brain the blood brain area and to set thebrain implants to program new neuro pathways.  This involved teaching my brain new skills that involved a terrorism script  aimed to engineering terrorism, so US Military can invade with war. Invasion of Zimbabwe would enable US to exploit Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals for US Military defense weapons including Chemtrail Ash, HAARP and related equipment .

August 2013

I received a postcard from Demontfort University where I had graduated my BA from offering the MA Program at a discounted rate for former students. I took the offer as I knew I could afford the program at that cost, which was half the full price of a Masters program.

My Gangstalking also began in August 2013, I started getting electromagnetic assaults and attacks directed at me in a menacing manner. I thought it was a  case of mistaken identity because I knew I had not done anything.  I was living in UK legally and not involved in anything that would cause me to be harassed or targeted. I did not realise that my identity as a Zimbabwean was making me a person of interest. US Military were after my identity to exploit in an elaborate crime to engineer terrorism, to invade Zimbabwe for strategic minerals.

October 2013

I decided to enroll in an MA Program in Photography and on 8 October I was attacked at Leicester train Station with a man who was carrying an electronic meace that was directed to my naval. My naval had been a sensitive area since the day my paternal grandmother and Aunt took me to a traditional healer and he poke me in the naval with a stick. I remember feeling hot as the stick was been pushed into the stomach. This happened while I was between 3-5 years old. That Day in October, when the man shot me in the stomach, I felt the muscles on my left side contracting and quivering and what ever was logged in my naval move to the left. I suspected it was a tracking device implanted during my childhood to keep surveillance and track of me growing up.


 after Univivestry. This was the disruption of my MA.




Reading List 

  1. DARPA’s Brain Chip Implants Could Be the Next Big Mental Health Breakthrough—Or a Total Disaster


Further Research 

In 1848,  Phineas Gage, a rail foreman was clearing a railroad bend in Vermont when a blast hole exploded, sending the tamping iron through his left cheek, his brain’s left frontal lobe. Despite his injury,  Gage made a full recovery, with the exception of a blinded left eye. Gage could walk and talk but those who knew him before the incident thought he seemed different. A local physician who treated him the day of the accident observed that “the equilibrium … between his intellectual faculties and his animal propensities seems to have been destroyed.” His friends put it more simply: Gage, they said, “was no longer Gage.” Gage’s case was the first to suggest the link between the brain and personality—that the brain is intimately connected to our identity, our sense of self. Read more here

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