Defending my Right to Self Determination 

Everytime I try to progress forward with my plans to expose US Military to the world and make my country, Zimbabwe safe, US Military have interfered with my plans by interrupting my thoughts and developments.

I would not be talking about this subject and feeling the way I do, if US Military had not attacked me and indoctrinated me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.  My life would be completely different with different direction and goals. US Military robbed me of that life and to further compound the issue, continuing to deny me, My right to Self Determination, self expression, lifes goals and hopes. I see this denial as a pharse that should pass as US Military realise how serious and determined I am about exposing my terrorism indoctrination and plans to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.

This whole issue of invading countries for resources is an ongoing trend with US. The invasion of other countries to exploit resources to enrich themselves at the expense of individuals and countries.

US Military has shown contempt to me as a person by first trying to force me into participating in the invasion of Zimbabwe then continously trying to limit my access to information and personal development in order to control & dictate my development.

I never invited US Military into my life. All US Military has done to me has been based on US sense of entitlement and its ability to abuse me dispute my objections & cries. US Military have shown contempt towards me as a person and to my country when they decided to involve me in developing terrorism to invade Zimbabwe.

US Military treat me like a slave ,has no respect for me or my people and are driven by desire to expoit us for our natural worth to enrich themselves through ill gotten wealth & power .

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