Review of my development

It took a further 2yrs to start developing this website. In 2015, I bought domain name with the intention to tell my story. I even drafted a project proposal to follow through with the development. I knew I was not a strong writer, however, my photography had equipment with skills to tell my story using various creative methods to inform an audience about my plight. So my draft was a photography project proposal.

My website is not popular with US Military who are my abusers and whose crime I am exposing on this website. They is constant interference to force me to abandon my idea of exposing US Military for indoctrinating me in terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.   My principles about crime and justice have not changed. I believe in Justice and this website is about exposing US Military crime and seeking justice.

They is a growing number of MKULTRA victims telling their stories online, books etc. One famous victim  Cathy O’Brien is an MKULTRA survivor who educates the world about this crime. My intentions are about raising awareness and educating the public about US Military crime and HAARP electromagnetic abuse.  I have also faced discrimination through torture and abuse by US Military to force me not to tell my story.

The project also questions WHO AM I. US Military HAARP electromagnetic abuse has robbed me of my identity.  US Military tried to force me into terrorism, so for 2+ years US Military were trying to force me to adopt multiple identities, including one concealing my terrorism identity

The electromagnetic abuse has contributed to my weight gain,. The lack of control over my diet and exercise. Denying me my right to plan my own time and activities, make choices and enjoy life. These are the fundamentals of human rights.

Imposed me to a life Isolation because US Military where trying to conceal that they were trying to force me into terrorism agenda. When I exposed US Military for terrorism indoctrination, US Military thought it was a phrase so they embarked on a campaign to create other identities that made it difficult to integrate with people in the community and try to silence me. I decided I was going to put an end to US Military psychological manipulation by making everything US Military was doing public. It wasn’t been done for my benefit but to conceal US Military crimes.

The original project proposal was basic enough and has achievable goals. The electromagnetic abuse had resulted in me losing skills, experiencing constant interruptions and having memory lapses so breaking down goals meant I would




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