Stealing Ideas

In 2013, prior to me being attacked by US Military, I had ideas of developing a Photography career. Through my photography education, I had gain skills that would be helpful to small and emerging business, image making and website development. I had spend years trying to develop the best website for my photography so my skills included image making and website development.

When US Military forced me out of my job, and I had to go to the Jobcentre for support assistance. The lady at the JobCentre who was helping me with my case, learned about my photography skills and recommended I see SWEDA with my business plan to see if my project was a viable business plan.

US Military were against the idea of me working with Skills Work and Enterprise Development Agency (SWEDA) because according to Tony, my idea Business model was a Social Enterprise. He went through the requirements of Social Enterprise to which they was Support and Funding.  And according to UK law, Social Enterprises had to be non political in nature to qualify for support and funding. US Military stopped me getting support from SWEDA because they wanted control of the Social Enterprise to launch color revolutions from, targeted at Zimbabwe Government. When I exposed US Military for trying to appropriate my ideas with a political agenda, US Military then dropped the idea.

24 August 2017 US Military are back to forcing the social enterprise idea to pretend to be useful in my life because I have exposed US Military of attacking me in 2013 to indoctrinate me in Terrorism. I have decided to make this public because US Military have been HAARP electromagnetically abusing me all day, trying to force to me to pretend that I was working on a social enterprise idea. When I took my idea to Tony at SWEDA in 2015, I had two ideas that were developing. I had bought ‘’ and wanted to expose US Military crimes as well as the idea that Tony had said was a social enterprise. He told me to develop ‘’ first then think about developing the social enterprise.  At minimum, with the visual ideas I had for ‘iamnotaprototype’ would work as my potifolio to advertise my skills and knowledge.

US Military have been blocking the development of ‘’ since 2015.

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