What next?

I was subjected to HAARP Trauma based mind control were everything done to me was through abuse and duress. As a result I had no control over content and outcome. I was not allowed to make decisions about developments that carried my name, putting my identity in a dangerous situation .

I was trying to keep up with all the developments that were being imposed on me. in particular after a failed terrorism attempt, forcing a child to use in a social engineering plan, US Military tried to dictate what internet platform I was going to develop including the content. What was prominent about this website was my Identity yet I did not have control or authority over it.  It was another opportunity for US Military to use me for malicious developments for Africa, in particular Zimbabwe.

I wanted to be specific and point our US Military crimes, so that people are familiar with how they operate. They use torture, abuse, lies, psychological manipulation and exploitation over their victims. which in my case had consequences that went beyond me, it would affect my country as well.  I was in a dangerous situation.

Iamnotaprototype.com is about highlighting these crimes as well as trying to move past this crime, which at present moment is being too opportunist as US Military continue to interfere in my development .




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