US Military were abusing with Electromagnetic Frequencies to exploit my identity in various ways to benefit their organised crime.

US Military tried to force me into terrorism to overthrow my government for Strategic Minerals for HAARP and US Military weapons. Activism was not US Military priority until the terrorism indoctrination failed. It would allow US Military to continue to control and indoctrinate me against my will for US Military agenda.

I want to expose US Military for forcing me into Activism that they control for their benefit. From forcing me into Modern Slavery to make money for US Military to use to pay of crimes is slavery and illegal. I have no interest or intention to be used for slavery.

They is a trend of making civilian population pay for crimes western government are committing to fellow citizens. Why should civilian or even foreign nationals be forced into slavery to raise money to pay of US Military organised crime destroying the globe. I have no intention to using my money to prop up US Military organised crime.

I have been working hard to lose weight but continuously get US Military HAARP electromagnetic interference in my attempts to regain control and get on with my life. US Military is using my weight gain to control me both physically and psychologically.

Psychological abuse to put me down about my weight so that it limits my developments and destroys my confidence. Physically, US Military have been stopping me taking part in activities that involves a lot of body movement so they can maintain satellite points in body for HAARP mind control . Other things US Military is doing is subortaging my sleep by waking me up every hour so that I don’t rest well and I am lethargic enough for HAARP Mind Control. Also trying to force me to eat every time I wake up which interferes with my calorie controlled diet.

US Military are intentionally interested in making it take as long as possible to make me think that I am regaining control of my life when actually whats happening is US Military are trying to embed themselves in all aspects of my life so that they can continue to practice HAARP mind control on me.

I have lost 1kg out of a 100Kgs in 4 weeks

My new hair cut and colour was £42. An incentive for my 1Kg weight loss. Its also a practical haircut for what I want to achieve in my life. Its easy to maintain and will save me time I need to get ready in the mornings and during the day.

My abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons is very complex in nature. A lot of what happened to me happened psychologically with US Military Electromagnetic weapons. It has resulted in me having both mental and physical symptoms that are both harmful and dangerous that include weight gain and suicide attempts. I recognise that the abuse has to stop in order for me to survive, that is why I am getting more public with my symptoms.

Apart from the symptoms there is a story to be told. I wanted my story to be tageable. I wanted people to relate to it in a physical form by developing a visual narrative exposing this crime. I did not think a book would be able to express and show my feelings but a photography project that would incorporate visual aspects into it.

This is how the idea of a photo shot began but it would be years before I was able to attempt because US Military were trying to stop me exposing them by trying to surbotage any plans for me to develop my project. As a result my weight increased as well as my suicide attempts.

My weight gain is a symptom of US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse. US Military use my weight gain to try and control me by continuously destroying my confidence and my efforts to lose weight. US Military continuously wake me up and force me to eat at night as a result of HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse.

This is my second attempt to lose weight in less than six months. I started making effort to change my lifestyle on the 24 of August 2017

On the 9th of September I weighted myself at the gym and I was about 100kgs and again on the 14th of September with slight loss

My goal weight range should be between 51kg and 65kg which is appropriate for my height and my Body mass index. That means I have half of my weight to lose.

My recent weight loss according to the scales was very marginal. I was not discouraged. I have been working hard towards my weight lose goals. This could be a reflection of a lot of things including muscle gain from the activity I have been doing. In myself I am being to feel a bit more energy and flexibility in my body and muscles than I did before I started. While HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse contributes to me feeling this way, my weight was also making the situation worse.


1. Calorie controlled diet of 1200-1500 calories

2. 10 000 Steps a day

3. 2000 mls of fluids a day

4. 8 Aqua/Swimming (twice a week) related activity a month to improve muscle tone and flexibility







Weight loss time table goals VS actual weight loss

11.09.2017 100kg

18.09.2017 (99kg)

25.09.2017 (98kg)

02.10.2017 (97kg)

09.10.2017 (96kg)

16.10.2017 (95kg)

23.10.2017 (94kg)

30.10.2017 (93kg)

06.11.2017 (92kg)

13.11.2017 (91kg)

20.11.2017 (90kg)

27.11.2017 (89kg)

04.12.2017 (88kg)

11.12.2017 (87kg)

18.12.2017 (86kg)

25.12.2017 (85kg)

01.01.2018 (84kg)

08.01.2018 (83kg)

15.01.2018 (82kg)

22.01.2018 (81kg)

29.01.2018 (80kg)

05.02.2018 (79kg)

12.02.2018 (78kg)

19.02.2018 (77kg)

26.02.2018 (76kg)

05.03.2018 (75kg)

12.03.2018 (74kg)

19.03.2018 (73kg)

26.03.2018 (72kg)

02.04.2018 (71kg)

09.04.2018 (70kg)

16.04.2018 (69kg)

23.04.2018 (68kg)

30.04.2018 (67kg)

07/05/2018 (66kg)

14/05/2018 (65kg)

21/05/2018 (64kg)

28/05/2018 (63kg)

04/06/2018 (62kg)

11/06/2018 (61kg)

18/06/2018 (60kg)

25/06/2018 (59kg)

02/07/2018 (58kg)

09/07/2018 (57kg)

16/07/2018 (56kg)

23/07/2018 (55kg)

30/07/2018 (54kg)

06/08/2018 (53kg)

13/08/2018 (52kg)

20/08/2018 (51kg) Goal Weight Reached

50 Weight Loss Rewards that do not Involve food. My weightloss goals will help me achieve goals in other areas of my life

Cost £Free -£20

1. Candle

2. Flower/flower pot

3. Lipstick

4. Nail Polish

5. Eye colour pallet

6. Facial

7. Manicure and Pedicure

8. Massage



11. New Phone App/Song

12. DVD/HomeMoive

13 Book

14. Theater

15. Gallery

16. Jewelry

17. Scaf

18. T.Shirt

19. Tights

20. Belt

Cost £20 -£50

21. Hair Cut and Colour




25. Jeans

26. Jumper

27. Dress

28. Handbag

29. Shoes


Cost £50 -£100

31. Watch

32. Coat






38. Minibreak


40. Food Gadget

Cost £100 -£1000

41. Perfume








49. Holiday

50. Photography Equipment

I was introduced to self harming by US Military as part of my terrorism indoctrination. US Military would induce trauma that would lead me to feeling suicidal then tell me various means to kill myself then would then try to stop. In the early days when I was naive to what it all meant, I was more complaint. But it came a point were they have no control what emotions they are triggering when they subject me to HAARP electromagnetic frequencies. The program are automatic in my head. Suicide is now a symptom of HAARP electromagnetic abuse by US Military.

Today was 9/11. It is significant to me in that, US Military used 9 /11 events to psychologically abuse me while grooming me for Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. US Military @USAfricaCommand wanted me to take responsibility of 9/11 as part of my terrorism indoctrination. This is one of the reason I have compound psychological issues raising from this crime. I was an innocent person who US Military @USAfricaCommand were trying to corrupt both physically and mentally to achieve their goals

I don’t know if US Military @USAfricaCommand understand that forcing me to lie is an insult into my Intelligence. It shows who these people who they are really are :Manipulative lying scum who are to use me in crime when caught pretend they are trying to help me with my career. Well no one asked them and the way that was done was to try and capitalise on my naivity. I realise my attack has all hamarks that are similar to all forms of abuse by perpetrator. It’s in my best interest to get US Military @USAfricaCommand out of my life if I have any chance to wellbeing and safety

My mobile network 3 was down from 5pm. I had no network to communicate with people online so I decided to create an abuse record

2025 US Military @USAfricaCommand attacked me with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons. I took another 10 paracetamols

This is the second lot of today. I am not giving US Military @USAfricaCommand an opportunity to abuse me anymore without a fight. I will do what ever in my power to hold own to what I believe is a better option in light of the situation. If I die it’s because I am being abused by US Military @USAfricaCommand #Suicided