New Hair Cut

I have been working hard to lose weight but continuously get US Military HAARP electromagnetic interference in my attempts to regain control and get on with my life. US Military is using my weight gain to control me both physically and psychologically.

Psychological abuse to put me down about my weight so that it limits my developments and destroys my confidence. Physically, US Military have been stopping me taking part in activities that involves a lot of body movement so they can maintain satellite points in body for HAARP mind control . Other things US Military is doing is subortaging my sleep by waking me up every hour so that I don’t rest well and I am lethargic enough for HAARP Mind Control. Also trying to force me to eat every time I wake up which interferes with my calorie controlled diet.

US Military are intentionally interested in making it take as long as possible to make me think that I am regaining control of my life when actually whats happening is US Military are trying to embed themselves in all aspects of my life so that they can continue to practice HAARP mind control on me.

I have lost 1kg out of a 100Kgs in 4 weeks

My new hair cut and colour was £42. An incentive for my 1Kg weight loss. Its also a practical haircut for what I want to achieve in my life. Its easy to maintain and will save me time I need to get ready in the mornings and during the day.

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