Modern Slavery

US Military were abusing with Electromagnetic Frequencies to exploit my identity in various ways to benefit their organised crime.

US Military tried to force me into terrorism to overthrow my government for Strategic Minerals for HAARP and US Military weapons. Activism was not US Military priority until the terrorism indoctrination failed. It would allow US Military to continue to control and indoctrinate me against my will for US Military agenda.

I want to expose US Military for forcing me into Activism that they control for their benefit. From forcing me into Modern Slavery to make money for US Military to use to pay of crimes is slavery and illegal. I have no interest or intention to be used for slavery.

They is a trend of making civilian population pay for crimes western government are committing to fellow citizens. Why should civilian or even foreign nationals be forced into slavery to raise money to pay of US Military organised crime destroying the globe. I have no intention to using my money to prop up US Military organised crime.

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