Illegal abuse with HAARP

I wanted to share my mornings with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons. This starts with sleep deprivation at night followed by abuse and torture with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons first thing in the morning to force negativity & limit my ability to function normally during the day.

Sleep deprivation involves US Military using various methods include noise to wake me up every hour. Another involves interfering with my biological functions to force sleep deprivation. US Military @USAfricaCommand interference with my body functions including my bladder. My bladder which could hold my urine for hours at night is abused that every hour I am woken up to remain awake losing sleep time. This allows more control to practice HAARP Electromagnetic Mind Control

Hide and Seek

US Military @USAfricaCommand crimes thrive on secrecy. When I speak up to get help, the abuse lessen to appear as if it’s gone. Having gone through several cycles of abuse, I know it’s US Military buying time or plotting their next move to attack me for mind control. As I write 2054 I have been HAARP electromagnetic attacked sending my head jerking back and feeling disoriented. US Military @USAfricaCommand are trying to invade my space and interfere with my blogging.


My HAARP Abuse is far from random HAARP Electromagnetic developments but a more premeditated crime orchestrated by US Military @USAfricaCommand to target me for Terrorism grooming and child abuse /murder.

I went for an EEG today for my ongoing headaches. The EEG did not bring anything up because US Military @USAfricaCommand had loosened all the head muscles that they tighten so I get the full impact of HAARP Frequencies. Tonight I noticed that the Chemtrail activity impact was low. I was getting lose skin vibrations instead of the full HAARP impact.

This shows that my abuse was premedicated to groom me for Terrorism and child abuse /murder to force me into participating into the Invasion of Zimbabwe through manipulation, abuse, blackmail and grooming through HAARP Electromagnetic weapons

Stolen Identity

I have intermittent ear ache and HAARP Electromagnetic Attacks all day from US Military @USAfricaCommand. US Military @USAfricaCommand are trying to buy time while trying to force me to bring a false reality on the forefront while maintaining control and abusing me, my life with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons, forcing changes to my identity that is not mine ie forcing me to do things with my name that I don’t not want or do naturally pertain to me. This is stealing my identity to me make me do things