US Military tried to force me to develop a website where people get advice on shielding knowing that its illegal in the UK and other countries to block military frequencies. They were trying to put me in a situation I was breaking the law and could be subjected to criminal proceedings. This has been the theme in my life since US Military attacked me in 2013. This is after US Military had indoctrinated me in terrorism & forcing me to have a Muslim child to frame me of links to Islamic Terrorism.

US Military had no agenda to develop my art career but to exploit my identity and showcase me as a failure who resorted to criminal activity to find fame. The engineering my life for crime began when US Military attacked me in 2013 and started practicing Political Neuro Linguistic Programming on me under Hypnosis without my consent but using force through various means and weapons. They used abuse and torture to morally corrupt me and retrain my neuro pathways with an agenda to radicalise me and teach me to commit crimes like child abuse and murder. I did not understand why people would want to hurt me or my children until I realised that US Military had a pedophile network involved in abuse & of children for political purposes. So attacking women allowed US Military access to the children to use for political purposes.

Breaking down my Political Neuro liguistic programming will reveal an attempt by US Military to cover multiple scenarios inorder to benefit from the attack.

1. Using me in Terrorism and using a muslim child to create a false link to Islamic Terrorism so US Military /NATO could find an excused to invade Zimbabwe on false pretext of security when they were actual trying to get into Zimbabwe to exploit Strategic Mineral.

2. US Military attacked me at the time I was keen to meet a partner and have children. Instead of being an independent decision, US Military attacked me with intention to pursue a political agenda to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. So the men they had for me had a political agenda behind them. Every possible relationship was followed by a hypnotic suggestion that was related to Radicalisation and Terrorism.

(I) Told me to have a Muslim child with a neighbour I had meet only once for political purpose.

(II) A Nigerian Man started linking my terrorism to developments with Boko Haram

(III) A Ndebele Man from Zimbabwe. I am from the Shona Tribe. US Military were also looking at destabilisation and civil unrest of Zimbabwe. So trying to force me to have a child who could be used in the distablisation of both major tribes in Zimbabwe by picking up negative aspects and using Political Neuro Linguistic Programming to influence the child. US Military could be looking at balkanisation of Zimbabwe to benefit from some of the countries strategic minerals for US Military weapons .

In the early days of my attack US Military started by grooming me in their dogma of globalisation and Transhumanism where my role was dictated and directed by US Military to benefit the NWO agenda. This was trying to link me to something big followed by reducing my identity through the common stereotypes i.e I was African and worth nothing. My contribution was to give US Military access to strategic minerals required for their weapons they were going to use for global domination. I was to expect my reward in form of the strategic minerals I had put on the blackmarket. US Military between 2013 and 2016 were denying me my right to practice art which I later used as evidence that US Military had attacked me and had no intention to develop my art career as they would have liked people to believe, instead had used the time in isolation to engage me in Political Neuro Linguistic Programming against my country and government.

After exposing US Military of grooming me in Terrorism and Child abuse/Murder, US Military tried to force me into activism. I was skeptical that US Military intentions were genuine. Forcing me to focus on other people and neglect my own abuse and Trauma. I was not allowed to talk about my story because would be in the exceptional position of activism overseen by the very perpetrators of this crime. Went as far as trying to educate me in the mechanisms of Stockholm syndrome to try and keep me under control. I realised that I did not want to be used in such a way by these perpetrators so I exposed the plan and made it public that it was a cover up to my Terrorism and child abuse/murder  indoctrination. I was not going to let US Military get away with this crime.

3. US Military begin hijacking my ideas and trying to control their development.

(I) Through interacting and networking online I became aware of the potential of the photographic image in the digital world. That leadbto me developing a businesses plan  I took to SWEDA for development and support which I was advised by Tom that it could be developed into a social enterprise and the UK government was giving funding for people to develop Social Enterprises. One of the main requirement was social enterprise remain non political in nature. I was interested in getting support and help but US Military began interfering and started taking control of the development. Apart from using my identity to from the project, every aspect of the project taken over by US Military. Because the project involved Zimbabwe’s, that was a red flag. US Military was capable of using my web platform to launch colourrevolutions against my country. US Military run platforms can be weaponised to force regime change at an enemy state.



was not pUS Military then tried to force me into developing a website with every aspect controlled by US Military

4.US Military



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