Burning me with HAARP weapons

US Military hit me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies to make me feel low, demoralised, demotivated and fatigued so they can take control of my day and force Trauma Based Mind Control.

They have been hitting and burning my body with Lazers to cause me to feel pain so I disassociate and they can use voice to Skull to force Hypnosis – Political Neuro Linguistic Programming

US Military are practicing Satanic Ritual Abuse on me. This is a process that is repeated constantly to try and hack into my brain and take control of every aspect of my life. This is US Military practicing MKULTRA to create Manchurian Candidates for purpose of Warfare and Espionage.

US Military used HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies and Voice to Skull to perform Hypnosis – Political Neuro Linguistic Programming for Terrorism & Child abuse/murder Sacrifice to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.

Although I exposed US Military to Zimbabwe government in 2016, US Military continue to force Trauma Based Mind Control with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons causing pain and injuries to my body both internally and externally

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