US Military forcing Eugenics & Transhumanism ideology

They are stealing kids. They UK child protection service is becoming a huge scandal internationally.

The whole system is designed to steal kids and not support families to deal with situations in a manner that parents and their children are protected. Through undermining parents and falsing documents on innocent individuals. They is a need for child protection but the high rise in child stealing cases can not be ignored or stories of social workers whisleblowing about order babies should be alarming.

They are enabling various organised gangs and organisations to exploit the situation of ill run systems and create opportunities for child trafficking, pedophilia, organ harvesting, etc.

One example from my own experience with the US Military pedophile network in exploition of vulnerable women and their children by forcing them into underground Eugenics and Transhumanism experiments. If they report the crime risk having their children taken rather that the perpetrators are caught. Because the system is designed to discredit people who might expose the children exploitation networks of powerful elites to members of Parliament. The system is designed to go after anyone attempting to expose crime and stopping people getting help.

The system is designed to discredited and labelled them mentally disturbed. The system is a travesty to justice.

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