I will not entertain Treason in my country

Everything I call life and career is being controlled by US Military so they can operate in Zimbabwe using me and my identity. Since attacking me in 2013 they dictate what I can and can not do with my life so that that agenda to invade Zimbabwe is successful. They have several scripts they have created around my life to enable them to invade or infiltrate Zimbabwe. They went as far as trying to use children, if I have any in their agenda to infiltrate the Zimbabwe government by using children as puppets. None of what US Military has done to me represents a welfare of me or my country. US military have treated me like a slave and were trying to use me to invade and bomb a country of 15 million Zimbabweans. They attacked me and used HAARP electromagnetic frequencies and Political Neuro Linguistic Programming to groom me in terrorism and child abuse/murder sacrifice to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. US Military treated like a slave by isolating me, abusing , torturing , raping and indoctrinating in terrorism and cult beliefs in NWO/Globalisation, Eugenics and Transhumanism to force me into taking part in the invasion of my country so US Military could get strategic minerals for their military weapons, HAARP and Chemtrails.

I want US Military exposed for these crimes against me , my country and danger this pedophile and organised crime network pose to my future children

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