US Military Synchronised me to HAARP cycle

When US Military attacked me in 2013 , they tried to synchronise me to the HAARP cycle by giving me visual ques and trying to force behaviour linked to the various points in the cycle. Each cycle produced its own frequencies, so US military were synchronising me to each frequency. They were conditioning me to certain frequencies which they created corresponding emotional response which was link to the agenda they were pursing. To radicalise me in terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for strategic minerals.

US Commercial and Military industries rely heavily on Strategic Minerals from countries like Congo, Afghanistan, North Korea, South Africa, Zimbabwe . Each continent

So my abuse has always been linked to US Military HAARP modification cycle. US Military started creating long cycles that were enabled by rigging my house with corresponding frequencies and started indoctrinating me in terrorism. Exposing me to HAARP electromagnetic frequencies under Hypnosis using Political Neuro Linguistic Programming to program me to overthrow the Zimbabwe government for strategic minerals.

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