I want to develop a portfolio of work for exhibition based on my character Suddenly Diamond.


She has been lying dominant for years. She even got a facebook page. Athough suddenly diamonds is not directly connected to #iamnotaprototype, she is a parallel of what I was meant to be Zimbabwean, patriotic and proud


Goal is to develop a project that resonate with people.  The project to pay homage to a successful Zimbabwe coup within the paradigm of my identity as a Zimbabwean

The coup came at the back of my own turmoil and situation with US Military who had attacked me in 2013 and indoctrinated me in Terrorism.  Although I informed Zimbabwe govt in 2016, it took till 2017 outward sign that our Military, my Zimbabwean Military is in Control.  Thank you.

Exhibition Outfit 

Always thinks ahead about my wardrobe choices. What would I wear. I like luxury material and comfort shoes. Might share some pieces I like and aspire to





I took this title from a recent talk I attended at the Design Museum in London.

Wearable Protest : Fashion's role in Activism

I am totally disgusted by US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse that I intend to develop a project exposing this crime through Fashion.

It all began with the idea of designing a T. Shirt with the slogan – I am not a prototype which has a story behind it of HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse

I came up with a design, which is still work in progress. I want to develop a series of T. Shirts using my selfies to present for exhibition. First and foremost, I am an artist and a victim of HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse crime and I want to raise awareness and generate publicity around this crime.

Not all tshirts I use for inspiration are protest tshirt. I use them as visual props to help me with my designs. I came across this T. Shirt of Adele in a charity shop and I took a photo of it. I like that the image had a face and digital noise. Which is a confidence boost to work with my mobile phone images which will be riddled with digital noise, a far cry from an image made in a studio with a high end camera. I am thinking of using my mobile phone images, my selfies as a series for this project. My Selfies are an ongoing developmental project from my MA thesis on Identity. What my work is also looking to expose is how HAARP and related technologies are been used to steal peoples Identities

If you are new to this subject and find it complex to process, I suggest you look at the following links and resources for ideas

Resources and Research Material

In order for the audience to understand that my experience is not a fragment of my imagination, I intend to provide list of resource and research material for people to look through and can use to relate to my experience

1. HAARP and Mind Control by Dr Nick Begich https://youtu.be/AxvxpBnV5Rc

2. Snowden Revelations of Mind Control within NSA https://youtu.be/YKnVcjXfJs4

3. Book : T. Shirt Slogan : Cult and Culture by Stephen Talbot

4. Mind Wars : Brain Science and the Military in the 21st Century by Jonathan D. Moreno

5. Mind hacking: Scientists want new laws to stop our thoughts from being stolen https://www.google.de/amp/s/www.rt.com/document/5900fae1c4618877738b45ca/amp/386264-brain-science-laws-thoughts

As a Practioner of Photography, with a Masters level education behind me, I still believe in learning the basics of Photography to inform my own practice. My work is very conceptual in nature but has got its foundations in Photography. Part of my skills development skill set include enrolling  in a Fashion and Design course to develop an awareness and a foundation in fashion developments, identifying  skills required to a pursue a Masters Research Program or A PhD in my field of interest, which is primarily Photographic imagery on Textiles. An area with vast interests and questions of Trade, Economy and Environmental pollution on a global platform . It may incorporate early themes of Terrorism or it might be a departure. All those are areas of interrogation and exploration.

Having a timeline is important. I don’t want to be stuck in this protesting zone forever. It’s time and energy consuming. This project has to bring serious changes to people and abuse of people with HAARP  technologies. But I want to move to more productive and rewarding areas with my artistic development.

To lose almost half of my weight. From 100kgs to a range of 67.2 kgs – 49.8 kgs,   compatible with my height of 164 cm

LODLUK Christmas Party 2017

Who am I wearing today

CHICHI London.

Surprising the material is not luxurious enough or flattering enough considering I paid almost £70 for it, less with my student discount. I am willing to pay more if I am guaranteed a bit of luxury. Still I would give the dress a good rating of 8/10.  They were benefits to this dress. It was well contained, meaning I did not have to accessories alot. It took the hussle of looking for another dress, once I found it, although I would have liked access to more colours in other dresses I wanted while looking on the website.

My dress is a Ready made. An area of my fashion and design course that I would like to explore more – Ready Made vs Couture in the future


I am going to be turning 40 years in two years. My 30s have been under US Military abuse and control, denying me my right to exercise my freewill. Interfered in every plan I had to indoctrinate me in Terrorism, US Military can invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. When I exposed US Military, they tried to cover up this crime

I am failure of my dreams and aspiration, I am 10 behind my peers because of US Military attack and HAARP electromagnetic abuse. My peers are enjoying good careers, jobs, have families. They go on holidays and enjoy good relationships. All those things US Military robbed of. I know my potential and capabilities, I dont need US Military robbing and holding in contempt, my education and upbringing. They is nothing these scum can tell me, instead have tried to deskill me with HAARP electromagnetic frequency abuse, so they can force trauma based mind control and have control on my life over this I can do without their inteference. They are absolutely a scam

I would like to urgue people who care to make sure that all HAARP and Artificial developments are seen as a threat, and a genocide of the human race. I lost years of my life because of US Military HAARP electromagnetic abuse.

When US Military failed to use me in Terrorism as they planned, they tried to force me into silence, they continue to hold my art career development hostage, to see if they can manipulate odds in their favour. They have no respect of my human rights. They attack me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies when I am doing my work to force Trauma Based Mind Control. In the past they also tried to force me to trade career opportunities for Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals, thus forcing me into carrying out Espionage and Treason against my country. I do not want US Military in any aspect of my life.

I am developing a project to expose US Military abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. I was attacked by US Military in 2013 and indoctrinated in Terrorism, so US Military could invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. I was isolated, abused and tortured, told to have a Muslim child, so US Military could frame Zimbabwe of Islamic Terrorism. I exposed US Plans to the Zimbabwean government in 2016. US Military tried to cover this crime up but I refused to be silenced. I want US Military crimes exposed.

I decided along time ago that I would use my artistic background to expose US Military for the crime perpetrated against me. I wanted to do the project in a methodical and academic way so that I would regain some of the skills I had lost due to this crime.

I am not going to be sutle, I intend to be very blunt and direct. I am not going to make apologies or have any sympathy towards my perpetrators, I want them and their project destroyed. I am not making any secrets about my feelings. I suffered at the hands of US Military who pushed me to near death soo many times. If they are willing to destroy me then they should accept the fact that when people fight back, they are doing it to survive. They can be destroyed too.


US Military are trying to exploit the lack of law that protect people from harassment with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. They are using this to exploit and abuse people purposely. They know it will be a while before the legislation is in place and by then they would have done advancements, always working ahead of the law.

Common law is above all laws made by man. Weather or not HAARP related  laws are going to be made into law one day, under common law,  HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse a crime now. It’s is a crime because it already interferes with fundamental human rights. I did not and will never consent to HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse.

The lack of specific laws on HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse allows US Military to force victims of HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse to live in fear of be institualiased by the system who will label them mentally ill because the systems is ill equipped to deal with the HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse crime. So mental institutions are utterly irrelevant and useless as a service to victims of HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse.

They both should leave me alone. One is a bare faced criminal (US Military) and the other totally ill equipped to deal with this crime. So both should fuck off.