I want to be left alone by both

US Military are trying to exploit the lack of law that protect people from harassment with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. They are using this to exploit and abuse people purposely. They know it will be a while before the legislation is in place and by then they would have done advancements, always working ahead of the law.

Common law is above all laws made by man. Weather or not HAARP related  laws are going to be made into law one day, under common law,  HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse a crime now. It’s is a crime because it already interferes with fundamental human rights. I did not and will never consent to HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse.

The lack of specific laws on HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse allows US Military to force victims of HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse to live in fear of be institualiased by the system who will label them mentally ill because the systems is ill equipped to deal with the HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse crime. So mental institutions are utterly irrelevant and useless as a service to victims of HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse.

They both should leave me alone. One is a bare faced criminal (US Military) and the other totally ill equipped to deal with this crime. So both should fuck off.

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