Stolen Identity

I am developing a project to expose US Military abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. I was attacked by US Military in 2013 and indoctrinated in Terrorism, so US Military could invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. I was isolated, abused and tortured, told to have a Muslim child, so US Military could frame Zimbabwe of Islamic Terrorism. I exposed US Plans to the Zimbabwean government in 2016. US Military tried to cover this crime up but I refused to be silenced. I want US Military crimes exposed.

I decided along time ago that I would use my artistic background to expose US Military for the crime perpetrated against me. I wanted to do the project in a methodical and academic way so that I would regain some of the skills I had lost due to this crime.

I am not going to be sutle, I intend to be very blunt and direct. I am not going to make apologies or have any sympathy towards my perpetrators, I want them and their project destroyed. I am not making any secrets about my feelings. I suffered at the hands of US Military who pushed me to near death soo many times. If they are willing to destroy me then they should accept the fact that when people fight back, they are doing it to survive. They can be destroyed too.


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