The disgusting cheek of US Military

I am going to be turning 40 years in two years. My 30s have been under US Military abuse and control, denying me my right to exercise my freewill. Interfered in every plan I had to indoctrinate me in Terrorism, US Military can invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. When I exposed US Military, they tried to cover up this crime

I am failure of my dreams and aspiration, I am 10 behind my peers because of US Military attack and HAARP electromagnetic abuse. My peers are enjoying good careers, jobs, have families. They go on holidays and enjoy good relationships. All those things US Military robbed of. I know my potential and capabilities, I dont need US Military robbing and holding in contempt, my education and upbringing. They is nothing these scum can tell me, instead have tried to deskill me with HAARP electromagnetic frequency abuse, so they can force trauma based mind control and have control on my life over this I can do without their inteference. They are absolutely a scam

I would like to urgue people who care to make sure that all HAARP and Artificial developments are seen as a threat, and a genocide of the human race. I lost years of my life because of US Military HAARP electromagnetic abuse.

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