New Year Goals #1 – Lose 50 Kilos

To lose almost half of my weight. From 100kgs to a range of 67.2 kgs – 49.8 kgs,   compatible with my height of 164 cm

LODLUK Christmas Party 2017

Who am I wearing today

CHICHI London.

Surprising the material is not luxurious enough or flattering enough considering I paid almost £70 for it, less with my student discount. I am willing to pay more if I am guaranteed a bit of luxury. Still I would give the dress a good rating of 8/10.  They were benefits to this dress. It was well contained, meaning I did not have to accessories alot. It took the hussle of looking for another dress, once I found it, although I would have liked access to more colours in other dresses I wanted while looking on the website.

My dress is a Ready made. An area of my fashion and design course that I would like to explore more – Ready Made vs Couture in the future


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