New Year Goal #2 – Suddely Diamonds says Operation Restore Identity

I want to develop a portfolio of work for exhibition based on my character Suddenly Diamond.


She has been lying dominant for years. She even got a facebook page. Athough suddenly diamonds is not directly connected to #iamnotaprototype, she is a parallel of what I was meant to be Zimbabwean, patriotic and proud


Goal is to develop a project that resonate with people.  The project to pay homage to a successful Zimbabwe coup within the paradigm of my identity as a Zimbabwean

The coup came at the back of my own turmoil and situation with US Military who had attacked me in 2013 and indoctrinated me in Terrorism.  Although I informed Zimbabwe govt in 2016, it took till 2017 outward sign that our Military, my Zimbabwean Military is in Control.  Thank you.

Exhibition Outfit 

Always thinks ahead about my wardrobe choices. What would I wear. I like luxury material and comfort shoes. Might share some pieces I like and aspire to





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