I meet Peter online, we communicate regularly.  He has become a good online friend.  He just send me this image and it resonated with my current situation of having to fend off constant brain hacking attempts by US Military.

I am writting tweets and blogs which these criminals try to hack everyday with their weapons.  How can procceed to high level education like a PHD with US Military constanlty hacking my brain to force mind control. I have to fight hard to stop this crime. They are trying to override my thought process. Its stopping my right to Self Determination. I want to be able to exercise my knowledge and freewill in everything I do without US Military interference or psychological manipulation and abuse.

Looking back from the moment I was attacked in 2013, it was never about helping me. If you look into the history of my abuse with these weapons, US Military were trying to secure materials for their weapons through engineering of Terrorism for Zimbabwe so they could invade my country for Strategic Minerals. US Military were trying to force me to have a Muslim child to frame Zimbabwe of Islamic Terrorism while at the same time, using the Muslim link to blackmail me to go along with their terrorism plans against my country.

I dont want US Military in my life after attacking me in 2013 and indoctrinated me in Terrorism.

The White House recently published an order for all human rights abuses to be stopped being perpetrated by anyone with links to US through citizenship, business or otherwise. I am a victim of human rights abuses by US Military.  US Military have been using US Government property, paid for by US tax payers to engineer Terrorism to bomb 15 Million Zimbabweans, so US Military/NATO could invade for Strategic Minerals US Military want for Defense Weapons including HAARP Electromagnetic Technologies.

US Military are using criminal methods to sponsor their expanding military empire as if  billions being approved by the US Senate is not enough. The structure of US Military its self is quite interesting.  In the Afghanistan war, only 30% were state soilders. 70 % were military contractors who offer services to the US government to fight wars all over the world. Its not rocket science that war in the US has become a racket. They are criminals engineering wars to keep the war and pay check going. As well as destabilising countries and stealing resources in the name of US freedoms. They are stealing resources to further their commercial empires and businesses, which has nothing to do with average man and women of US or the country that has been invaded wellbeing, health or security. These people are thieves. They are scum.

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