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Update : Discharged by a Mental Health Tribunal 

The Mental Health Tribunal discharged my sectioning because they did not think I needed to be sectioned despite my bizzare rants being  out of the norm. I accept that things I talk about are out of the norm but are a result of being abused and indoctrinated in terrorism by US Military to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals US Military want for their weapons.

Ikon Van Diemen’s Land – Film Screening

These people claim to have given me a mental health assessment while they had their back to me 

See full video here
The Sandwell Mental Health team sank to a new low by falsifying a mental health assessment to get me sectioned.

I have two videos that shows the tactics, lies, manipulation and ambush done to people to force them to comply with the mental health team dispite a person showing capacity to either agree or disagree. They could have gone back and recorded that I had refused to communicate with them today and where going to send me a letter etc , instead they choose to falsify a mental health assessments and wrote a section 2 document. Thinking I will never find out and be able to prove it. But I did, just dont ask me how, yet. People dont expect people in their capacity to behave like that but here we are.

Its abuse of power and a clear disregard for law. I now want to prove my case and pursue charges that twice, Sandwell Mental Health have used section 2 to strip me of my human rights and detain me without evidence or need to do so.

See video of Senior Social Worker Ivy Parchment  lying about my section knowing she went back and with Saba and Salman falsify documents to get me on section two without assessing me. These people clearing deserve to lose their jobs, they are not only lying but are playing with people’s lives.

I am not the first person to complain about how UK Social Services is riddled with criminal activity that it has seize to fit for purposes.  It’s time for radical change to get rid of these weeds.

Louise Dahl-Wolfe Exhibition

Louise Dahl–Wolfe: A Style of Her Own

Nosebleed due to HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse

For the past couple of days I have been experiencing severe pain to my head, face and neck. Last night I was subjected to sleep deprivation, noise campaign and my dreams were interfered with, with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons resulting in a nose bleed while I was asleep to when I woke up at 4 am

  • Something serious has happened to me in the last few hour of trying to sleep. They were on going sleep deprivation, noise, forced dreams and Mind Control going on. Now I can see full on attempts to force HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control by US Military

Although I have always maintained an abuse log on Twitter. Since January 2018 I have started a daily summary of ritual abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies by US Military

Brain Hacking 

Brain hacking explained by Snowden.

Woken up attempts to force V2K & mind control. US Military are trying to dictate content for my blog. Which is personal but US Military insist on controlling content.

Symptoms include Burning Brain Stem, Low frequency headache, Brain and body fatigue etc 

I am experiencing ongoing brain hacking attempts by US Military to control development of my work and life without my consent. I am experiencing assaults, Abuse, torture and harrasament everyday of my life. I am denied autonomy or my right to self determination.  This amounts to extreme levels of physical, emotional and psychological abuse for any one person to deal with. This crime needs to be addressed urgently.  

My New Year Goals for 2018

These goals are about what I want to achieve in 2018 and beyond.


  • Using my experience to expose the use of HAARP Electromagnetic weapons in the engineering of corruption and terrorism, destabilization of countries using African identities by US.


  • Develop my PHD thesis and to seek funding 


  • To reduce my current working hours from 36 to 30 so I can dedicate some of my time to my Art projects and artistic development 
  • Create a practical and achievable timetable of creative goals
  • Develop
  • Update blog regularly 
  • Events Calendar 
  • Update work rota monthly as given including any off work request asked in advance  

Family and Friends 

  • To spend more time nurturing old and developing new relationships of family and friends. 
  • Get more social by joining social activities that I find interesting and sociable 


  • Budget more
  • Stick to shopping template 
  • Maintain my Savings accounts one for my holidays and the other for misc 

Health and Wellbeing 

  • Lose half of my current weight. Develop a lose and reward system 
  • Eat a healthy and calorie controlled diet 
  • Get more active – 10 000 steps. Exercise More for flexibility and body toning
  • Develop a therapeutic and grooming  routine 


  • Have regular weekend breaks
  • Go on Holiday Abroad
  • Read more books
  • See more films


Today’s T.Shirt is inspired by Allen Richie radio interview with Dr. David Skrbina – On the life of Unibomber Ted Kaczyniski and his anti Technology views – his warnings to the world. 

Theodore J. Kaczynski (The Unibomber) has written books like 

I am familiar with Theodore Kaczynski story of how he was subjected to  MKULTRA while he was a university study and subjected to abuse and dehumanizing treatment.  

I urge that these experiments have been going on for a long time that when US Military attacked me with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons subjecting me abuse, torture and MKULTRA practices to groom me in Terrorism. They anticipated a favourable outcome of Terrorism therefore I am not entertaining any assumptions that this was a mistake on their part. 

I was attacked by US Military in 2013, subjected to abuse and torture with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies, Indoctrinated in Terrorism so they could invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. 


My first post in this blog is dated 2015. I have been striving to get the message out to people that US Military is developing HAARP Electromagnetic Technologies designed to enslave people through abuse and torture of innocent people.  

I am protesting the technology that hurt me. I knew by exposing US Military plans to the Zimbabwean government, it would impact their plans to access Strategic Minerals and develop weapons that are hurting people. Contrary to what people are made to understand that technology is going to improve their lives, they is an amounting evidence of technology being used to subdue the human abilities to function independently and critically thereby becoming a slavery of technology and it’s operators. 


“To Get Our Message Before the Public, We’ve Had To Kill People” The Unabomber manifesto (1995)

I,winnie Mangwende am using clothing, as a medium to put my message across. I am  doing a fashion and design course to gain some knowledge and skills in fashion design.  It’s a non violent protest. Suppose to be the good kind because no one except the people being exposed , gets hurt. Its well known, Information can be used as warfare. It’s a form of propaganda that Developed countries are familiar with. However, Post the digital age, it seems the carefully constructed utopia is falling apart as independent media and individuals are taking control of the information and putting it out there.

Having been through abuse and torture its not my place to judge those who have used other forms of protests that would be deemed violent. I am here to share light into criminal activity by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons through a peaceful protest as long as I am allowed to.

UK Protest Events 

Paolo has put a public announcement to resume the weekly protests at the Houses of parliament every Wednesday on FB. See event details here