My New Year Goals for 2018

These goals are about what I want to achieve in 2018 and beyond.

Geopolitics – Raising Awareness of high tech

  • Using my experience to expose the use of HAARP Electromagnetic weapons in the engineering of corruption and terrorism, destabilization of countries using African identities by US

Academic Goals

  • Develop my Protest Wear Project, build a portfolio and decide what I want to do with my professional and academic career as time goes on
  • Allocate time to my MOOC courses online with Cousera

Career Goals

  • Keep my current 36 hours. Allocate time for my Art project and artistic development
  • Create a practical and achievable timetable of creative goals
  • Develop
  • Update blog everyday until the 1000 days countdown are complete
  • Events Calendar
  • Update work rota monthly as given including any off work request asked in advance

Family and Friends 

  • To spend more time nurturing old and developing new relationships of family and friends.
  • Get more social by joining social activities that I find interesting and sociable


  • Budget more
  • Stick to shopping template
  • Maintain my Savings accounts one for my holidays and the other for misc

Health and Wellbeing 

  • Lose half of my current weight.
  • Eat a healthy and calorie controlled diet
  • Get more active – 10 000 steps.
  • Exercise More for flexibility and body toning
  • Develop a therapeutic and grooming  routine
  • Art and Talking therapies


  • Have regular weekend breaks
  • Go on Holiday Abroad
  • Read more books
  • See more films
  • Maintain a Travel blog