These people claim to have given me a mental health assessment while they had their back to me 

See full video here
The Sandwell Mental Health team sank to a new low by falsifying a mental health assessment to get me sectioned.

I have two videos that shows the tactics, lies, manipulation and ambush done to people to force them to comply with the mental health team dispite a person showing capacity to either agree or disagree. They could have gone back and recorded that I had refused to communicate with them today and where going to send me a letter etc , instead they choose to falsify a mental health assessments and wrote a section 2 document. Thinking I will never find out and be able to prove it. But I did, just dont ask me how, yet. People dont expect people in their capacity to behave like that but here we are.

Its abuse of power and a clear disregard for law. I now want to prove my case and pursue charges that twice, Sandwell Mental Health have used section 2 to strip me of my human rights and detain me without evidence or need to do so.

See video of Senior Social Worker Ivy Parchment  lying about my section knowing she went back and with Saba and Salman falsify documents to get me on section two without assessing me. These people clearing deserve to lose their jobs, they are not only lying but are playing with people’s lives.

I am not the first person to complain about how UK Social Services is riddled with criminal activity that it has seize to fit for purposes.  It’s time for radical change to get rid of these weeds.