MKULTRA #996 Days

I am a victim of US Military Trauma Based Mind Control with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. The frequencies are targeted at my head to cause excruciating pain.  See examples of this pain via my previous post here . The pain causes a dissociative state where US Military proceeded to force Trauma Based Mind Control (MKULTRA). the dissociative… Read More MKULTRA #996 Days

Day #1000 – What happened to ME

In 2013 I was attacked by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons. I was abused, isolated, tortured and indoctrinated in terrorism so US Military could invade Zimbabwe my country of origin for Strategic Minerals. Strategic Minerals are raw materials, US Military want for building their Military Equipment including HAARP related technology. For the next… Read More Day #1000 – What happened to ME