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US relationship with ISIS #994 Days

What my experience has show is the hypocrisy of US about global terrorism and exposes the active role US play to facilitate terrorist groups. When US Military attacked me, they were radicalising me to overthrow the Zimbabwean government so that US could invade and facilitate the exploitation of minerals out of Zimbabwe, similar to what ISIS is doing with oil in the Middle East. These raw materials play a role in US economy in particularly to serve the interest of a select few who control the economy for large amounts of profit.


US Senator John MaCain with ISIS

There is more evidence of US supporting Terrorist activities around the globe in the Wikileaks documents.

US Military are Engineering Terrorism #995 Days


I am one of the growing number of people who believe that 9/11 was an inside job to create an opportunity for US Military to invade other countries on the pretext of fighting terrorism. It became evident to me when US Military tried to use 9/11 to create a link to grooming me in terrorism

What US  Military were doing to me was programming me for terrorism by making subliminal suggestions that would link me to 9/11, so that if I was caught, I would betray myself subconsciously as having these links. Unfortunately for US Military I picked up these subliminal suggestions that I am able to expose the mind control that was done to me.

Besides the subliminal links US Military were forcing me to have a Muslim child with a man of Middle East origin who was a neighbor I had meet only once. I was forced to befriend him to get pregnant. He had no clue. My neighbor was not very literate, neither did he speak English fluently.  He was the perfect target for US Military plans. He was put in a position that US Military could exploit him too. Looking back, US Military are dangerous people who would not blink twice to destroy lives of two innocent people, like 9/11, they killed over 3000 people to launch their ‘war on terror’ agenda and many more people have died through the global wars they have engineered.




MKULTRA #996 Days

I am a victim of US Military Trauma Based Mind Control with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. The frequencies are targeted at my head to cause excruciating pain.  See examples of this pain via my previous post here .

The pain causes a dissociative state where US Military proceeded to force Trauma Based Mind Control (MKULTRA). the dissociative state allowed US to groomed me in Terrorism. As well as the headaches, I was burned all over my body.  I was psychologically & physically abused and tortured.

The combination of HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies and MKULTRA bring to light how this crime has evolved from the last CIA declassified MKULTRA documents. While the crime is attempting to be covert in nature, so that the criminals do not get caught, I try to expose the mechanisms of how the crime was done to me because they are things like being forced to synchronize to HAARP cycles in second, minute and hour intervals that are clear evidence of connection to CHEMTRAIL/HAARP developments in Sandwell . These are people working directly with HAARP Developments in Sandwell.


CIA MKULTRA Declassified documents





Suicide Headaches #997 Days – HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control

Yesterday I learned a new word – Suicide Headaches via a Facebook post

This lead me to conclude they are two types of people; One who is targeted and aware of it and the other who is also targeted and are not aware of it. My HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency attacks to force Trauma Based Mind Control have been accompanied by severe headaches that have made me suicidal. I have a live footage of me taking large amounts of painkillers. A lot of painkillers because I wanted to be left alone or Die. Left alone by US Military who would pursue Trauma based mind control while I was in such deliberating pain.

I went through Gangstalking. Gangstalking allowed US Military to manipulate my reactions to situations, such as, with these headaches, I should have sought medical attention, but I didn’t because, I was lead to associate them with abuse and punishment, part of the Trauma Based Mind Control.

The reason for gangstalking me from the very beginning was to create a situation where I was never be able to seek assistance from authorities both medical and policing so US Military could have unprecedented access to force Trauma Based Mind Control, MKULTRA with POLITICAL NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) with was of terroristic nature. (To find out why US Military were grooming me in terrorism. Please read this post. By the time I came to the attention of the authorities through my twitter, instead of helping me with the headaches, Sandwell Mental Health Team tried to section me as psychotic which a Magistrate siting at the Mental Health Tribunal discharged because I was not showing pyschotic symptoms. The medication I took while in hospital were only the pain killers, due to pain which was a result of the HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control Headaches.


Whats the date #998 days from now

Answer : Wednesday, 18 November 2020


This photograph show the true reality of my existence, of being subjected to US Military abuse with HAARP ELECTROMAGNETIC Frequency weapons. US Military tried to force me into silence about the abuse I was experiencing, so that they could carry their mind control crimes in secret. 

I am training myself not to think in terms of what is expected of me after US Military attack. US Military have been using ALL aspects of my life to exploit me for US Military personal interest involving Slavery, Crime and Terrorism.

I am taking a break from thinking in those terms. I am now sitting waiting for justice to take place.


Day #999 – I want Justice

I want justice for crimes perpetrated against me by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies.

Day #1000 – What happened to ME


In 2013 I was attacked by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons. I was abused, isolated, tortured and indoctrinated in terrorism so US Military could invade Zimbabwe my country of origin for Strategic Minerals. Strategic Minerals are raw materials, US Military want for building their Military Equipment including HAARP related technology.

For the next 1000 days I dont want to concentrate on anything expect to get justice for crimes US Military perpetrated against me. US Military have been trying to force an art career that continues to insult my intelligence, identity, cultural and religious beliefs. Developments designed to hide the reality of the crime of terrorism indoctrination that was perpetrated against me.

I don’t speak for anyone but myself because every situation is different. Also I want people to understand the consequences of US Military weapons on individuals like me and my country. My experience is unique because it involves a conspiracy to kill over 15 Million Zimbabweans through engineered terrorism with intention to invade and murder Zimbabweans for raw materials for their weapons. I want my case to go to international criminal court for justice.

Meanwhile I will use my own experience to raise awareness of what happened to me.

Weight loss goals continuous sabotage

US Military abuse is continuously sabotaging my weight loss goals by attacking me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency. Yesterday , Monday 19 February I was motivating myself to focus on my weightloss goals Again ,when US Military began attacking my brain to force trauma based mind control causing me to end up eating due to the effects of the HAARP electromagnetic abuse which involved choking me to freeze my head and neck muscles to force mind control, waking me up every time I was falling asleep to force sleep deprationvation, burning my body and overheating my brain stem.

Black Panther

I went to see Black Panther, and as I expected the underlying story was about resources. Africans having the Resources, Technology and space to develop and use the technology as they wish. That ended a long time ago when Africa was self governing and trading as an independent place.

Africa was colonised and development was interfered with in favour of western developments by European Capitalist (How Europe under developed Africa by Walter Rodney). The release of Black Panther in 2018 coincide with the Black History Month, which could be seen as a development in human race relations but its not because same issues of black oppression and exploitation keep propping up as spear headed by the same perpetrators.

My experience is as recent as 2013, when I was attacked in by US Military, who wanted to use my Zimbabwean identity to access Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals using abuse, torture, blackmail and threats to hold me hostage against my will and radicalise me to overthrow the Zimbabwe government, so US Military could invade for Strategic Minerals for US Military weapons.

The has lead me to develop a project based on raising awareness about ongoing developments to exploit people for US Military Complex interest.

American Greed US Military Model

US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons are designed to exploit people of their identity, health and welbeing  for US Military benefit


whats driving these crimes is greed

I grew up with an interest in crime and detective novels. I learned that detail is important, even if it does not make sense, a detective would make sense of the situation. So when US Military attacked me, from the very beginning, I kept a vigilant detail of what was going on. This was not a friendly encounter but very hostile and dehumanising circumstance to keep me off guard, so I could be expoited. I kept track of the excuses, that they gave, to keep in subdued long enough to enable them to control me. Their initial excuse was they were they to develop my art career, I had been choose and I had no choice to say no. They began holding me hostage against my will controlling every aspect of my life with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons.

But the career, a reason they gave to attacking me, never materialized but metasize into another development after another development at a pace I could never keep up with. It took a long time to get a clear picture of what was going on but what initially appeared to be random ideas and suggestions turned into forcing me into making life changing decisions against my will. US Military were demanding that I had to have a child with a Muslim man to sacrifice ( with quite a graphic instruction that the child was a means to an end, that it had no value to me & I had no right to make any attachments to it) and to access Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals but overthrowing the Zimbabwe Government. The whole agenda became about infiltrating the Zimbabwe government using terrorism to  grooming my kids to infiltrate Zimbabwe Politics. So that became the real agenda and art was no longer the priority.

I began fighting to get out.  I knew my life was in danger but had being unsuccessful in trying to get out because of how I was being tightly controlled and keep in oblivion to what was really going on.  I began exposing the terrorism agenda and the graphic detail of the the plans that the US Military were doing publicly. After it started getting attention, US Military started trying to cover up the crime to make it look like a misunderstanding had developed. From day one, they were attacking me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons, abused, tortured, isolated, keep in constant fear and lies, I had not misunderstand the danger my life was in. I never consented to anything because US Military were convinced their mind control weapons would give them the results they wanted without my consent.

US Military Mind Control developments (MKULTRA) with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency weapons are based on warfare on people to pursue US Military Complex interests.