Black Panther

I went to see Black Panther, and as I expected the underlying story was about resources. Africans having the Resources, Technology and space to develop and use the technology as they wish. That ended a long time ago when Africa was self governing and trading as an independent place.

Africa was colonised and development was interfered with in favour of western developments by European Capitalist (How Europe under developed Africa by Walter Rodney). The release of Black Panther in 2018 coincide with the Black History Month, which could be seen as a development in human race relations but its not because same issues of black oppression and exploitation keep propping up as spear headed by the same perpetrators.

My experience is as recent as 2013, when I was attacked in by US Military, who wanted to use my Zimbabwean identity to access Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals using abuse, torture, blackmail and threats to hold me hostage against my will and radicalise me to overthrow the Zimbabwe government, so US Military could invade for Strategic Minerals for US Military weapons.

The has lead me to develop a project based on raising awareness about ongoing developments to exploit people for US Military Complex interest.