Day #1000 – What happened to ME


In 2013 I was attacked by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons. I was abused, isolated, tortured and indoctrinated in terrorism so US Military could invade Zimbabwe my country of origin for Strategic Minerals. Strategic Minerals are raw materials, US Military want for building their Military Equipment including HAARP related technology.

For the next 1000 days I dont want to concentrate on anything expect to get justice for crimes US Military perpetrated against me. US Military have been trying to force an art career that continues to insult my intelligence, identity, cultural and religious beliefs. Developments designed to hide the reality of the crime of terrorism indoctrination that was perpetrated against me.

I don’t speak for anyone but myself because every situation is different. Also I want people to understand the consequences of US Military weapons on individuals like me and my country. My experience is unique because it involves a conspiracy to kill over 15 Million Zimbabweans through engineered terrorism with intention to invade and murder Zimbabweans for raw materials for their weapons. I want my case to go to international criminal court for justice.

Meanwhile I will use my own experience to raise awareness of what happened to me.