US Military are Engineering Terrorism #995 Days

I am one of the growing number of people who believe that 9/11 was an inside job to create an opportunity for US Military to invade other countries on the pretext of fighting terrorism. It became evident to me when US Military tried to use 9/11 to create a link to grooming me in terrorism

What US  Military were doing to me was programming me for terrorism by making subliminal suggestions that would link me to 9/11, so that if I was caught, I would betray myself subconsciously as having these links. Unfortunately for US Military I picked up these subliminal suggestions that I am able to expose the mind control that was done to me.

Besides the subliminal links US Military were forcing me to have a Muslim child with a man of Middle East origin who was a neighbor I had meet only once. I was forced to befriend him to get pregnant. He had no clue. My neighbor was not very literate, neither did he speak English fluently.  He was the perfect target for US Military plans. He was put in a position that US Military could exploit him too. Looking back, US Military are dangerous people who would not blink twice to destroy lives of two innocent people, like 9/11, they killed over 3000 people to launch their ‘war on terror’ agenda and many more people have died through the global wars they have engineered.