Weight loss goals continuous sabotage

US Military abuse is continuously sabotaging my weight loss goals by attacking me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency. Yesterday , Monday 19 February I was motivating myself to focus on my weightloss goals Again ,when US Military began attacking my brain to force trauma based mind control causing me to end up eating due to the effects of the HAARP electromagnetic abuse which involved choking me to freeze my head and neck muscles to force mind control, waking me up every time I was falling asleep to force sleep deprationvation, burning my body and overheating my brain stem.

Black Panther

I went to see Black Panther, and as I expected the underlying story was about resources. Africans having the Resources, Technology and space to develop and use the technology as they wish. That ended a long time ago when Africa was self governing and trading as an independent place.

Africa was colonised and development was interfered with in favour of western developments by European Capitalist (How Europe under developed Africa by Walter Rodney). The release of Black Panther in 2018 coincide with the Black History Month, which could be seen as a development in human race relations but its not because same issues of black oppression and exploitation keep propping up as spear headed by the same perpetrators.

My experience is as recent as 2013, when I was attacked in by US Military, who wanted to use my Zimbabwean identity to access Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals using abuse, torture, blackmail and threats to hold me hostage against my will and radicalise me to overthrow the Zimbabwe government, so US Military could invade for Strategic Minerals for US Military weapons.

The has lead me to develop a project based on raising awareness about ongoing developments to exploit people for US Military Complex interest.

American Greed US Military Model

US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons are designed to exploit people of their identity, health and welbeing  for US Military benefit


whats driving these crimes is greed

I grew up with an interest in crime and detective novels. I learned that detail is important, even if it does not make sense, a detective would make sense of the situation. So when US Military attacked me, from the very beginning, I kept a vigilant detail of what was going on. This was not a friendly encounter but very hostile and dehumanising circumstance to keep me off guard, so I could be expoited. I kept track of the excuses, that they gave, to keep in subdued long enough to enable them to control me. Their initial excuse was they were they to develop my art career, I had been choose and I had no choice to say no. They began holding me hostage against my will controlling every aspect of my life with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons.

But the career, a reason they gave to attacking me, never materialized but metasize into another development after another development at a pace I could never keep up with. It took a long time to get a clear picture of what was going on but what initially appeared to be random ideas and suggestions turned into forcing me into making life changing decisions against my will. US Military were demanding that I had to have a child with a Muslim man to sacrifice ( with quite a graphic instruction that the child was a means to an end, that it had no value to me & I had no right to make any attachments to it) and to access Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals but overthrowing the Zimbabwe Government. The whole agenda became about infiltrating the Zimbabwe government using terrorism to  grooming my kids to infiltrate Zimbabwe Politics. So that became the real agenda and art was no longer the priority.

I began fighting to get out.  I knew my life was in danger but had being unsuccessful in trying to get out because of how I was being tightly controlled and keep in oblivion to what was really going on.  I began exposing the terrorism agenda and the graphic detail of the the plans that the US Military were doing publicly. After it started getting attention, US Military started trying to cover up the crime to make it look like a misunderstanding had developed. From day one, they were attacking me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons, abused, tortured, isolated, keep in constant fear and lies, I had not misunderstand the danger my life was in. I never consented to anything because US Military were convinced their mind control weapons would give them the results they wanted without my consent.

US Military Mind Control developments (MKULTRA) with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency weapons are based on warfare on people to pursue US Military Complex interests.


Breast Lump

I developed a breast lump as a result of US Military Electromagnetic Abuse. Since 2013 US Military have been abusing and torturing me with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons. After abusing and isolating me, US Military began indoctrinating me in  terrorism using HAARP Electromagnetic weapons and Voice to Skull Technology. In 2016 I exposed US Military plans to the Zimbabwe government. As well as talking online about the abuse I was being subjected to by the US Military. In retaliation, US Military began threatening my life, to kill me and my family. Demanding I stop talking about what they were doing to me.   They began shooting my right breast while broadcasting threatening voice to skull messages to scare me. I kept talking because I was being forced to live like a prisoner and a slave against my will. I wanted people to know what was happening to me and if I died, people had to know that I was living a very horrific life of being abused and torture every waking and sleeping time of my life with HAARP Electromagnetic frequency weapons.


The above is a image showing a dressing of the area a biopsy was done. Although I have been reassured its non cancerous, I still have to wait a week to get the results.

Exploiting my Identity

US Military have been trying to exploit my identity for the past 5 years to pursue various agendas in the interest of US Military Complex interest – from trying to indoctrinate me in terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals for US Military weapons, to trying to position me in conflict with UK health services in order to make way for US companies to privatise the NHS for profit.

I was subjected to abuse and torture with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency weapons

Its time the truth be out there and proper action to take place against these criminals.

US Military are trying to destroy NHS

I have been talking about how US Military have destroyed my physical and mental health with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies, forcing Trauma Based Mind Control to engage in Terrorist activities to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.  Although they failed, it hasn’t stopped US Military trying to exploit my identity to create opportunities for their financial gain using my health. They are trying to destroy the NHS to create opportunities for American companies to privatise the NHS, for profit.