Since August 2013 to current, I have endured torture and abuse because US Military want to pursue Zimbabwe’s Strategic Minerals unethically. Terrorism was the cover US Military were trying to use in order to invade Zimbabwe. I want them exposed.


Retracted document of Chemtrail Composition


Chromium, Lithum, beryllium = Chemtrail Ash. The ash are sprayed in grids which creates a HAARP Electromangetic Frequency Grid.  These are some of the minerals found in Zimbabwe. Please see list here 


Zimbabwe has a number of precious and non precious metal, used in commercial and military industries in the west. US Military were indoctrinating me in terrorism to access Zimbabwe Minerals for their military weapons including HAARP .


Copyright Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe


  1. Agate (Nyamandhlovu, Chikomba, Lupane)
  2. Aluminum (Mutare, Nyanga, Mwenezi)
  3. Amazonite (Nyamandhlovu, Rushinga)
  4. Amethyst (Nyamandhlovu, Hurungwe, Hwange, Makonde, Lupane)
  5. Antimony (Kwekwe, Bubi, Mberengwa, Kadoma, Shurugwi)
  6. Arsenic (Bubi, Shurugwi, Mutare, Gwanda)
  7. Asbestos (Masvingo, Gwanda, Matobo, Mberengwa, Insiza, Makonde, Umzingwane)
  8. Aventurine (Masvingo, Beitbridge)
  9. Barites (Kwekwe, Mwenezi)
  10. Beryl (Hurungwe, Kariba, Goromonzi, Harare, Mudzi, Rushinga, Mutoko, Bindura, Marondera, Gutu, Buhera, Bikita, Chegutu, Hwange, Mberengwa, Gweru)
  11. Bismuth (Gwanda, Insiza, Goromonzi, Hwange)
  12. Cesium (Mudzi, Bikita, Goromonzi)
  13. Calcite (Hwange, Bindura, Chiredzi, Mwenezi)
  14. Chromium (Mberengwa, Guruve, Makonde, Gweru, Kwekwe, Shurungwi, Chegutu, Kadoma, Gwanda, Insiza, Masvingo, Chirumanzu)
  15. Citrine (Marondera, Harare, Goromonzi)
  16. Clay (Harare, Bulawayo, Gwanda, Gweru)
  17. Coal (Gokwe, Chiredzi, Beitbridge, Mwenezi, Hwange, Lupane, Binga, Kariba, Hurungwe, Bikita)
  18. Cobalt (Kwekwe, Insiza, Shamva, Bubi, Bindura)
  19. Copper (Makonde, Kadoma, Mutare, Chirumanzu, Chegutu, Kwekwe, Shurugwi, Beitbridge, Gokwe, Bindura, Chipinge, Bikita, Insiza, Makonde, Harare, Bulawayo, Shamva, Chiredzi, Nkayi, Mudzi, Chegutu, Bindura, Kwekwe, Hurungwe, Bubi, Makonde, Bikita, Gwanda, Masvingo.)
  20. Cordierite (Hurungwe, Beitbridge, Chimanimani, Rushinga, Makuti)
  21. Corundum (Beitbridge, Chiredzi, Shurugwi, Marondera, Mberengwa, Mazowe, Rushinga, Insiza, Goromonzi, Wedza, Makoni)
  22. Diamond  (Gweru, Bubi, Beitbridge, Binga, Mwenezi, Mutare.
  23. Diatomite Hurungwe)
  24. Dolomite (Mutare, Beitbridge, Makonde, Mudzi, Masvingo, Rushinga.)
  25. Emerald (Gutu, Masvingo, Insiza, Mberengwa, Hurungwe.)
  26. Feldspar (Harare, Bikita, Umzingwane, Goromonzi)
  27. Fireclay (Hwange, Chiredzi, Kwekwe, Lupane, Nkayi, Kadoma, Kwekwe)
  28. Flint clay (Mwenezi, Beitbridge)
  29. Fluorite (Hwange, Guruve, Binga)
  30. Garnet (Beitbridge, Hurungwe, Mudzi, Guruve, Rushinga, Marondera)
  31. Graphite (Hwange, Hurungwe, Kariba, Makonde)
  32. Gypsum (Beitbridge)
  33. Gold (All Districts)
  34. Iron (Kwekwe, Mberengwa, Harare, Kwekwe, Buhera, Gweru, Charter, Chiredzi, Masvingo, Mazowe, Kadoma.)
  35. Jade (Masvingo)
  36. Kaolin (Kwekwe, Mutare, Bubi, Hwange, Kadoma, Mazowe, Harare, Umzingwane, Nkayi, Chegutu)
  37. Kainite (Hurungwe, Nyanga, Mudzi, Rushinga)
  38. Lead (Mberengwa, Kwekwe, Gokwe, Mutare, Wedza, Hwange)
  39. Limestone (Mberengwa, Gwanda, Bindura, Shamva, Mazowe, Kadoma, Umzingwane, Gweru, Chegutu, Chimanimani, Mudzi, Harare, Hurungwe
  40. Lithium Goromonzi, Mudzi, Buhera, Bikita, Chegutu, Hwange, Harare, Insiza, Rushinga, Mutoko, Mutare, Hwange)
  41. Magnetite (Gwanda, Nyanga, Kadoma, Mwenezi, Insiza, Buhera, Mberengwa, Beitbridge, Gweru)
  42. Manganese (Kwekwe, Gweru, Makonde, Mberengwa.)
  43. Mercury (Bubi, Kadoma)
  44. Mica (Hurungwe, Rushinga, Kariba, Hwange)
  45. Molybdenum (Kwekwe, Insiza, Shurugwi, Makonde, Chipinge, Gweru, Mutare
  46. Mtorolite (Guruve, Mutare)
  47. Nickel (Bubi, Makonde, Kwekwe, Insiza, Guruve, Shamva, Shurugwi, Matobo, Chegutu, Bindura, Gweru.)
  48. Ochre (Gweru, Kwekwe)
  49. Palladium (Kwekwe, Makonde, Shurugwi, Chegutu)
  50. Phosphate (Buhera)
  51. Platinum (Kwekwe, Makonde, Shurugwi, Chegutu, Centenary)
  52. Pyrite (Shurugwi, Gwanda, Mazowe, Kadoma, Bulilimamangwe, Shamva, Hwange.)
  53. Salt (Mwenezi)
  54. Sapphire (Mudzi)
  55. Selenium (Makonde)
  56. Silica( Gweru, Kwekwe, Makonde, Chegutu, Gokwe, Harare, Goromonzi)
  57. Sillimanite (Hurungwe)
  58. Silver (Makoni, Makonde, Kwekwe)
  59. Talc (Bubi, Guruve, Insiza, Nyanga, Mutare, Mt Darwin, Mberengwa, Goromonzi, Mutoko, Wedza, Kwekwe,Makoni)
  60. Tantalum (Hurungwe, Guruve, Kariba, Mudzi, Mutoko, Shamva, Bindura, Harare, Goromonzi, Murehwa, Mt Darwin, Rushinga, Mazowe, Marondera, Gutu, Masvingo, Buhera, Bikita, Mutare, Hwange, Chivhu, Mberengwa, Chimanimani, Makoni, Insiza)
  61. Tin (Hurungwe, Mudzi, Shamva, Bindura, Goromonzi, Harare, Rushinga, Mt Darwin, Nyanga, Gutu, Bikita, Hwange, Masvingo, Mutare)
  62. Topaz Hurungwe, Gweru, Mutare
  63. Tungsten (Hurungwe, Kariba, Shamva, Mazowe, Rushinga, Bindura, Guruve, Mt Darwin, Harare, Mudzi, Goromonzi, Bulawayo, Insiza, Matobo, Gwanda, Umzingwane, Bubi, Buhera, Mberengwa, Kadoma, Bikita, Shurugwi, Mutare, Chipinge, Chegutu, Kwekwe, Chiredzi, Wedza, Gweru, Hwange, Masvingo, Makoni)
  64. Vanadium (Mt Darwin, Guruve, Bulawayo)
  65. Vermiculite (Buhera, Mudzi)
  66. Zinc (Kwekwe, Gokwe)



I have been abused daily with HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies in order to keep me in state of being controlled by  US Military

  • Ritualistic abuse which is prolonged sexual, physical and psychological abuse Forms of abuse


“…repeated abuse over an extended period of time.  The physical abuse is severe, sometimes including torture and killing.  The sexual abuse is usually painful, humiliating, intended as a means of gaining dominance over the victim.  The psychological abuse is devastating and involves the use of ritual indoctrination.  It includes mind control techniques which convey to the victim a profound terror of the cult members…most victims are in a state of terror, mind control and dissociation.” Ritual Abuse, Cults and Captivity

Daily Ritualistic Abuse of People with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies is a crime. US Military thought they could use psychological manipulation to keep control of me. As long as I didnt see what was being done to me was abuse, they could could get away with it. I refuse to be silenced. They is abuse going on with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency weapons and it needs to be investigated.

Mind Control Mind control is the cornerstone of ritual abuse.
It is a tool used to silence and indoctrinate (uncritical acceptance) the
victims. Mind altering drugs are often used in order to gain compliance. It
is about ensuring conformity, restrict free will, behaviour control, and create
altered belief systems which revolve around cult principles and beliefs.
Cults impose a variety of techniques beginning with conditioning which is
conducive to indoctrination:
a) Physical: exhaustion, drugs, isolation, hunger, thirst, pain, sexual
abuse, bright lights.
b) Emotional : Terror, guilt and shame, emotional isolation & despair,
c) Cognitive: lack of information, confusion.
With mind control the individuals behaviour becomes reactionary and
subconscious at times rather than conscious.



Dr Nick Begich explains the mechanism behind HAARP & Mind Control

US Military in 2014 when they had isolated me for Terrorism Indoctrination, forced voice to skull competency, mapped every emotion & synchronized me to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies, they then started destroying every electronic device including mobile phone in my flat. They could communicate with me without devices. This enabled them to create the lone wolf profile where they put me in the forefront of the terrorism plans, while they worked in the background orchestrating events .

I am using my experience to expose US Military crimes with HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies

How Desperate is US Military to get hold of Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals?


US Military attacked me in 2013 to ensure their Military project went well even when it involves killing 15 Million Zimbabweans over engineered Terrorism. I was abused and tortured and indoctrinated in Terrorism by US Military in 2013. As a Zimbabwean US Military wanted to use me in their invasion of Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. This screenshot is from a PFD found online which was written for US Military. It’s called Weather as a Force Multiplier:
Owning the Weather in 2025, it’s lays out the HAARP agenda.

I have been abused with HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies since 2013, a complex crime that involves multiple forms of abuse. While the crime is designed to elude the existing legal legislation framework, crimes like abuse, torture, sexual abuse, assault, etc are covered by legislation but the weapons being used are not. When I went to complain, to West Bromwich police Station, I was told that the police would not be able to investigate this crime, therefore its difficult for victims like me to get justice.


How Sexual Abusers in Power Dupe the Public By Sandy Whitewater