Brain Wars # 991 Days


Book reading is a habit I want to pick up AGAIN. Its something that I have been denied, instead my mind has been feed information in order to exploit me by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons.

Mind Wars is a book about US Military warfare developments with technologies in the 21st Centuries. However I am a little skeptical about how current the information is because I believe when information involving secret military developments is declassified or written about, it means US Military have move on to more advanced warfare developments.

There is a reason why I have locked on to HAARP from the very being of  my abuse.

Since then, looking further into HAARP, all I have found out is further evidence that HAARP technologies are being used in mind control developments. I believe they are advancing mind control (MKULTRA) developments with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies on Mass Populations and Individuals


Mind Wars : Brain Science and the Military in the Twenty-first Century by Jonathan D. Moreno

Angels Don’t Play this HAARP – Dr. Nick Begich :  HAARP and Mind Control

Jesse Ventura investigates Voice to Skull on Targeted Individuals