Weekend from Hell #989 Days

*Update : I am not even going to correct the spelling and grammar mistakes because the time I wrote this post below, US Military were interfering and hacking me. I want people to see what US Military is doing to me, and interfering in my blog post to stop me exposing the HAARP Electromagnetic crime that was perpetrated against me https://t.co/s7IQtsa4KE

US Military like to take every opportunity to isolate me for mind control and this weekend was no different. from the time I clogged off work, I became isolated from people and US Military had targeted to use the time for mind control. I have expressed that I dont want US Military to contact me but dispute my demands to be left alone, US Military have continued to for their mind control on me against my well. I only way I can fight this is by exposing every effort US Military is making to attack me for HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control.