Modern Slavery #984 Days

I never consent to US Military abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies and I will never consent till the day I die. I have decided to make this clear so that the will never be a misunderstanding as I try to piece together the details of this crime.

I was attacked and gangstalked, which makes this crime, a crime to exploit my identity so US Military could invade Zimbabwe for Strategic minerals. When I exposed US Military were indoctrinating me in Terrorism, US Military tried to cover this crime by trying to exploit my art career, making promises of wealth that involved exploiting me and everyone else under slavery conditions where my every move and thoughts were controlled . I didn’t want any part of it. I now realize that even if this was an opportunity to develop my art career, I still would not be interested due to the damage this crime has done to my health.


All this time I have been living in a HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency prison denying me my ability to exercise freewill and thoughts.